Winter sports equipment: vacationers are increasingly tricked into second-hand goods – 14-01-2023, 08:00

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While the French are increasingly mindful of their spending, as well as their impact on the planet, the second-hand market is booming. And it allows for significant savings.

Second hand at the service of sports! With the winter season in full swing, some may be discouraged by the sheer amount required to play their favorite sport, especially in times of high inflation. Fortunately, initiatives allow you to hit the slopes at low prices, while giving new life to unused equipment, often lying in the back of the garage.

Deals on second-hand product resale sites allow you to get equipment for less than even trade-ins. Experts note that consumers are meeting. ” We tripled our sales this winter. Sales are mainly focused on ski products such as alpine skis, touring skis and ski boots. “says Arthur Rockle of Campsider, which specializes in reselling sporting goods.” outdoors » like walking or climbing. ” We have clearly seen an explosion in sales of sporting goods since September. In this period, one out of every three sales is related to ski products “, notes Greg Cottret, founder of Sporteed, which specializes in reselling sporting goods to individuals.

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Not surprisingly, context plays a role when households look for good deals to empty their wallets: “ Inflation gives us these record sales, to be equipped for snow lessons among children and adults ” says Greg Cottret. Some even try to make a living by taking on the role of buyer-seller duo. ” We have observed that our customers resell their products after the season. This is about 25% of our individual customers “, explains Arthur Rocle. ” 42% of consumers sell at least one product on our site Adds Sporteed.

Increased experience

In addition to the lower price, second-hand items are also more attractive for environmental reasons. The dynamics observed in recent years capitalized by professionals. ” There is a gap in the sale of second-hand sports goods. There was a real desire to develop this experience “, explains Arthur Rocle.

It must be said that the market is attractive: according to a study by Tripartie and Wavestone, second-hand sales amounted to 7 billion euros in France in 2021 and 105 billion euros in Europe a year later, an increase of 22% in twelve months. ” Second hand isn’t just for students anymore. There is a real evolution of morality within the population that trivializes this mode of consumption », analyzes Clémentin Mossen, president of The Greener Good association. According to Adem, sports are of particular concern, as 50% of equipment in this field can be reused if the original buyer no longer uses it.

Large companies are also entering the second-hand market and are closely monitoring the development of the practice. ” Our buying service mainly focuses on investment equipment such as bicycles, fitness equipment or even walking equipment. “, explains Anthony Le Mens, Decathlon second life project manager. The consignment service has been operating since 2018 and has seen double-digit growth since its introduction in stores. ” We’ve seen 70% growth with over 300,000 products sold for 2022 he concludes.

Quality, the focal point for the buyer

For retailers, it remains an obligation to ensure the overall good condition of products, a particularly sensitive point for sports enthusiasts. ” We do quality check before shipping our products. At this stage, we have about 25% of ads rejected due to product obsolescence or technical features. Ads are checked by requesting description, photos, followed by a visual inspection of the equipment for sale, says the co-founder of Campsider, so no problem gets through this filter: “ Often reported to us are electronic items such as watches or bicycle odometers “, Greg Cottret continues.

It can also be adjusted by the seller when the price exceeds a certain threshold. ” While we post 100 to 200 ads per day, we still have the ability to manually review our ads. In case of doubt, the ad is temporarily blocked and the advertiser is requested to provide supporting documents. The founder of Sporteed explains.

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The voluntary sector is also involved in the second-hand world. Sports recycling facilities offer a range of items thanks to donations from individuals. ” By 2022, we estimate the collection in all our centers to be 100 tons of clothing and sports equipment, from a pair of basketball shoes to fencing uniforms. Sarah Minchin, head of the antenna in Paris, says. The association has eight branches in the area, and once the product has been sorted and repaired, the recycling centers offer on-site resale shops, each with its own characteristics, according to local needs.

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