What are the benefits of a refurbished iPhone?

If the iPhone is deceiving in its performance, its price is always out of reach for everyone. There is a more accessible solution to offer you the latest innovations offered by Apple (5G compatibility, wireless charging, facial recognition, iOS 16 system, etc.), which is to go for refurbished devices.

Repairing mobile phones, consoles, and home appliances has become a common practice in the technology sector. For those still unaware, a refurbished device is a product that has already been used and then refurbished by a specialist brand.

This practice applies to all types of smartphones, including the famous apple brand. For example, Certideal.com, one of the many players in this burgeoning market, can offer you a refurbished iPhone XR. Looking for other models? Find all updated iPhone series on the same site.

Unlike second-hand products, a refurbished iPhone goes through several stages to be in good working order:

  • Visual and technical inspection to check the condition of the case, the screen and the operation of the phone;
  • Replacing any defective components that may affect use;
  • If necessary, repair of external elements, especially a cracked screen;
  • A reset that cancels jams with the phone operator and returns the device to its original configuration.

Why should you buy a refurbished iPhone?

According to some recent polls, more than half of the French would be interested in buying a refurbished smartphone. For 41% of respondents, more affordable prices are the main advantage of the renovated market. Indeed, buying a refurbished iPhone is above all a way to enjoy good value for money in a fairly expensive product.

Consumers can benefit from 30-70% cheaper prices than new smartphones. Despite a small budget, you can buy a new phone and take advantage of Apple technology. As mentioned earlier, each device goes through several tests to ensure it works properly. Many models are almost new. The only difference is that they are removed from their original packaging.

In addition to the price, the warranty is a significant positive point. Like new smartphones, refurbished models also benefit from a 6-month warranty, up to 24 months when purchased from brands like Certideal.

You should know that resorting to renovation means adopting a more ecological approach. As you know, the production process of new phones requires significant resources, both in terms of raw materials and energy. Investing in a refurbished appliance therefore reduces the use of resources and also limits the amount of waste produced. What’s more, the updated smartphone has a smaller carbon footprint, knowing that it only produces 10% of the pollution that a new phone does.

Which refurbished iPhone to choose

Whether it’s a new or refurbished device, the choice is largely based on budget. If the updated products pass several checks, they are divided into different categories so that they can be offered at different price levels. Thus, iPhones are classified according to their condition:

  • Category A refurbished appliances in perfect condition;
  • Refurbished category B devices with some noticeable defects in the shell or screen;
  • Category C repaired devices with more visible defects without affecting operation;
  • Refurbished devices with Category D defects and possibly some minor defects.

Several varieties of iPhones are very popular among users in the current market.

iPhone 12

Released in 2020, it is a good choice for those looking for a high-performance and fairly new model. However, you should know that the iPhone 12 is available in several models between the classic, pro, pro max and mini versions.

iPhone XS

iPhone XS was released in 2018. Slightly older than the iPhone 12, it delivers an equally impressive performance, especially with nearly 12 hours of battery life.

iPhone XR

Knowing that it is offered around 300€, it is currently one of the most affordable refurbished iPhones.

By purchasing from Certideal, you choose to go for a certified smartphone that has been refurbished in workshops in France and has local after-sales service.

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