TrashTalk Fantasy League Week Thirteen Recap

A week without a big splash in the TrashTalk Fantasy League, no NBA player decided to deliver a performance worthy of the name, so we had to settle for three nights with 70 TTFL or more. Frankly, this era is really overrated, if nineties players were playing today, they would do better. They probably think so anyway.

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# Last week’s tauliers

Podium of the week

To be fair, he averaged 58.29 for the week, which isn’t the best. What I can do is not double at all.

Individual podium

TrashTalk Fantasy League Week 13 Individual Rankings

Who said Harden wasn’t a GOAT? Anyway, if a certain Nabil wants to praise Barbu, he can come and get excited at TTFL.

Team podium

TrashTalk Fantasy League Week 13 Team Rankings

After a bit of routine cleaning up of non-compliant teams (and waiting for the next surprise control), Shaqiallin leads the dance.

# Top picks from last week

  • Monday : Jalen Brunson – 60 points (1.7% of picks)
  • Tuesday : Luka Doncic – 70 points (1.7% of picks)
  • Wednesday : Jaylen Brown – 68 points (4.3% of picks)
  • Thursday : Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – 74 points (4.9% of picks)
  • friday : Jonas Valanciunas – 63 points (0.6% of selections)
  • Saturday : Damian Lillard – 59 points (6.9% picks)
  • Sunday : Julius Randle – 76 points (5.3% of choices)

# Last week’s carrot

  • De’Aaron Fox (5.7% of picks): 11 points vs. Magic

There seems to have been a boom in the number of people registering for hunting licenses on Tuesday morning. The reason: a group of people want to take revenge on the foxes.

  • Stephen Curry (20.6% of picks): 21 points against the Magic

Yes, these are only small roots when a player still scores 21 points. But small root + small root +… for more than one in five players? This is a great award donated by Stephen Curry. Not to mention the 11.4% of players who still believe in him a few days later will barely do better with 24 points against the Bulls. Bottom line: Almost a third of TTFL ate carrots cooked in curry this week.

  • Lauri Markkanen (4.1% of picks): 0 points vs. Sixers

It was announced too late for the TTFL players, offering a good crop of carrots when we woke up on Sunday morning.

# Last week’s achievements

  • Jusuf Nurkic (0.5% pick): 60 points vs. Hornets

The popular equation is a solid pivot + Hornets interior defense = big score in the TrashTalk Fantasy League.

  • Terry Rozier (0.2 picks): 53 points vs. Raptors

We didn’t know that dinosaurs could be bitten by plants.

  • Saddiq Bey (<0.1% picks): 47 points vs. Wolves

We have seen him score well in the TTFL since the beginning of his career. But since the season started, we didn’t have much to eat. Regularity isn’t likely to be there any time soon, but for the guys at Exotic, the Saddiq bet is always exciting.

  • Onyeka Okongwu (0% pick): 52 points vs. Pacers

Well, in the TrashTalk Fantasy League, it was “only” the Pacers who often took cards from opposing interiors. Nevertheless, Onyeka filled in for Clint Capela’s absence in the Falcons’ rotation: 18 walks and 20 rebounds, turning in a big TTFL score. Too bad no one used it.

  • Jordan Clarkson (0.4% pick): 51 points vs. Sixers

Although Markkanen was out, it was Jordan Clarkson who provided the bulk of the Jazz’s scoring (38 foot), rewarding TrashTalk Fantasy League players who bet on him.

  • Terance Mann (1 pick): 52 points vs. Rockets

A tribute to a guy who posed for Terance Mann on Sunday night.

# Last week’s trophies

  • Premier Love: January 14 – Take Kevin Love with 66 players against the Wolves

The crowd didn’t stick together for Kevin Love this Saturday. And with just 11 TTFL points, he didn’t respect the brave few who dared to bet on him.

# Next week’s trophies

  • MLK: Make the best choice on MLK Day, January 16

I have a dream that one day I will be the best choice.

  • Unicorn: Take Kristaps Porzingis on Jan. 18 against the Knicks

A bit of revenge for the Latvian.

  • Vive la France: make the best choice during the Global Games evening in Paris on January 19

Preferably with Killian Hayes, even getting Frenchy won’t get you more points or bonuses.

  • Canadian Winter: Take RJ Barrett to Toronto on January 22nd

If you’re looking to pick a Knicks player, though, we’d recommend more Brunson or Randle.

# Our pick of the week

Jaylen Brown vs. Hornets: There is no rational justification for this choice, just the thought of asking one of the players most invested in the community on Martin Luther King Day evening. And anyway, given my level, my tips are worthless, so I offer them to whoever I want, so they won’t have Best Pick.

That’s it for this recap of the week. We’ll just note that things are looking good with a nice crash in the Team TrashTalk standings in overdrive since the start of the season.

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