Mimo launches Kuma, a passive income NFT

Mimo is a leading blockchain company Readers of JDC probably already know this. Indeed, we have talked to you regularly about this “PAR” token, Euro stablecoin algorithmic, decentralized and multi-chain was developed by this team as a continuation of the TenX precursor project. This decentralized financial innovator Mimo is launching the “KUMA Protocol” today. The first DeFi protocol backed by regulated NFTs derived from sovereign bonds.

Kuma, Mimo’s creation is DeFi sealed

The launch of the KUMA protocol represents an important milestone for Mimo and the entire DeFi space. It actually happens the first and only protocol that provides interest-backed quotes backed by traditional fixed income products. This is a new investment option for anyone looking to diversify their savings outside of serious cryptocurrency while staying within the blockchain ecosystem. Important diversification in a generally low economic context and the recession many predict is inevitable.

KUMA tokens are designed to be a reliable source of passive income through interest earned on their holdings. These are NFTs built as very smart contracts, and compatible with most blockchains. As such, they represent bonds held by KUMA Generator, a decentralized protocol owned by KUMA DAO and managed by MIMO token holders.

background, Mimo Capital AG manages bonds and offers simplified payment for users. In addition, the smart contract managed by KUMA DAO provides its community with the necessary infrastructure for the free circulation of these bonds. Thus, a smooth operation is guaranteed when the deadline is reached or when the issuing authority publishes a discounted rate.

We are excited to offer our users a new way to earn passive income through tokenized bonds. Thanks to this innovative mechanism and […] Backed by a variety of real-world assets, we believe interest-bearing tokens are poised to become a key tool in the decentralized finance space.

Claude Eguienta, Founder and Managing Director of Mimo Capital.

Mimo’s Kuma token generates passive income from traditional bonds

Launching this protocol could well change how bondholders receive interest. Indeed, traditional bonds generally pay interest semiannually, annually, or even termly. Powered by KUMA tokens smart contracts. This allows interest to be paid to owners every 4 hours by default. originality that provides a more consistent income stream for investors. No claim process is required and there are no transaction fees.

Thus, the balance of these tokens increases in users’ wallets without any action being required. This corresponds to the interest rate paid by the bond backing them, minus the commission. In addition, the KUMA DAO approach naturally provides fractional access to bond benefits. He lowers the entry barrier to investment and opens the door to 24/7 global trading and liquidity. Examples of applications include escrow accounts, protocol treasuries, and personal wallets.

Out of interest, the tokens will support the larger cryptocurrency ecosystem (DeFi platforms, GameFi, NFTs …). Indeed, Mimo designed the KUMA tokens it is easier to use traditional bonds. Thus, unlike the latter, which are complex and difficult to access financial products, KUMA tokens can be easily bought and sold in any decentralized application. This frees up their reproduction and generalization in the long run. In addition, since the protocol is based on blockchain technology, the process of issuing all tokens is auditable, transparent and secure.

The interest of the Kuma token is that it is directly based on traditional financial bonds
KUMAs are collected in your wallet without requiring any action from you

Mimo’s Kuma is a customizable sign

This power in innovation is combined with desire who are safe cryptophiles will be interested in this new and disruptive product. A most admirable focus in the extremely troubled and volatile crypto context. Mimo therefore worked behind the scenes with governments, industry experts and regulators from various jurisdictions to ensure this new financial product was compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Thus, from January 2022, the FMA (Lichtenstein Market Authority) authorized Mimo to provide blockchain-related services. Thus, Mimo has the rights and legal framework to provide the blockchain market with a new accessible financial product that opens up new opportunities in the blockchain industry for investors worldwide.

Being a mime has its perks The first regulated player in the European Economic Area (EEA). presenting tokens that allow you to earn interest directly in your favorite wallet. And this in a properly regulated financial product. To strengthen its security, Mimo Capital AG initially selected sovereign bonds of countries with good credit ratings and traditionally considered safe assets. Of course, zero risk is just a wish. Users are exposed to the credit and interest rate risks of the underlying sovereign bond.

After tokenization of sovereign bonds, Mimo will rely on KUMA to secure other assets such as corporate debt and funds. So far, all Mimo partners, including Polygon, Phantom, Swissborg, SingularityDAO and Akt.io have announced their intention to use KUMA. With a focus on security, usability and accessibility, Mimo is committed Bringing the benefits of DeFi to a wider audience. why not you

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