Bo Bichette: MLB’s largest void among players seeking arbitration

Yesterday, several players agreed on the terms of a one-year contract. It’s about players who are eligible for arbitration but manage to avoid it.

The biggest contract was with Juan Soto, who will make $23 million this year.

As you can see by clicking on the link below, most of the players agreed with the formation. This is a custom.

For example, 11 of the Blue Jays’ 12 arbitration-eligible players avoided such a process. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. settled for $14.5 million.

Bo Bichette signed nothing. It won’t be easy for the Jays. Why?

First, because Bichette is not one to be pushed around. Last year, the shortstop (along with Alec Manoah) declined the Blue Jays’ offer even though he was not yet eligible for arbitration.

When a player is too inexperienced to referee, he has little control over his salary. But that didn’t stop him from trying to get some power.

And this year, with more power, he’s the only place the Jays are standing.

It’s also worth noting that he’s the biggest slugger in the MLB in terms of spacing with his practice. Why? Of the 33 players currently at risk of going to court (there is a way to pre-agree and avoid such a process), he is one of the only ones asking for $2.5 million more than his club’s offer.

He’s asking for $7.5 million, and the Jays (who haven’t gone to arbitration since 2019) are offering him $5 million through the 2023 season.

According to preliminary estimates, Bichette will earn about six million dollars. Did the Jays bid less because they would definitely pass the first luxury tax threshold?

Kyle Tucker (Astros) is in exactly the same position as him.

Just to put things into perspective, Bichette is in his first year of officiating. Last year, when Vladdi was in the same position, he settled with the Jays without going before a judge.

And the Blue Jays gave him $7.9 million. Did this affect Bichette’s demands?

Since I don’t know how many hundreds of millions of dollars the Jays can pay, I don’t know if the short-term prospect is in Toronto.

It’s really early to speculate, but let’s just say the salary spat isn’t helping matters. It’s not too late, but let’s just say he’s adamant about his demands.

Elsewhere in MLB

In all, 33 players in the MLB have gone to arbitration to determine their 2023 salaries.

The judge will not cut the pear in half. Either he agrees with the player or with the club. For example, if Bichette goes before a judge, he won’t be able to earn $6.25 million.

11 teams (Athletics, Cubs, Giants, Guardians, Padres, Rangers, Red Sox, Reds, Rockies, Tigers and White Sox) will not necessarily go to arbitration after all have reached an agreement. You can have many details by clicking here.

The Tampa Bay Rays, a budget team, have 7 players who have not agreed with the club. They also have the smallest spread of 33, with Colin Poche asking $125,000 more than Rice’s bid.

The Mariners and Angels, if we forget the Rays, have the most players with three each. And sailors have the most lucrative job yet to be solved.

Former Blue Jays Teoscar Hernandez is asking for $16 million. The club offers 14 million dollars. It’s a two million dollar difference for someone who is a year away from being a free agent.

Note that Eric Swanson agreed to $1.25 million.

It should also be noted that the work of Max Fried is interesting. The Braves’ standout pitcher, who won arbitration last year (by a $250,000 margin), is back in arbitration this year. He is asking for $15 million while the Braves are offering him $13.5 million.

Therefore, as we have seen, it is not always easy to get along with your club when the conditions are high. Juan Soto did this in particular.

But yesterday, eight more players agreed to contracts worth more than $10 million. Here they are.

Finally, we’re not talking about the exact same kind of contract, but yesterday Chris Paddack (who is recovering from Tommy John in Minnesota) agreed to terms on a three-year deal worth just $12.5 million.

The first two seasons are the years of arbitration, and the third is the year of autonomy. He will receive $2.5 million in 2023 and 2024 and $7.5 million in 2025.

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