“We are currently experiencing a major growth crisis”

“I am not a candidate for succession” In the presidential elections of 2027, La France will represent insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced France 2, Thursday, January 12, while allowing this possibility. “conditions” let the future decide otherwise.

While rebel France was in serious turmoil, Quatennens distanced himself from the quarrels of his friends by making a phone call to the criticism of some of its leaders, who saw themselves out of step with the movement, its founder and leader. let them agree to determine who can take his place better.

“We are currently experiencing a major growth crisis”Jean-Luc Mélenchon hypothesized when arguing in any form “to clean” Within La France insoumise. “I ask everyone to be reasonable and share” duties, he begged, shared with his people “Not killing each other” and prioritizing “competitive emulation”.

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As for him, that’s his priority “finish intellectual work” and laying its foundation, he said. “I am not part of the battle for my succession”before being recalled, he insisted that he was a candidate in the last three presidential elections from Guyana. “It is the condition that determines the candidacy”.

Adrien Quatennens will have to “get his stripes back”.

As for runner-up Adrien Quatennens, Jean-Luc Mélenchon believes he will have to. “restore your stripes” but he begged “sorry”Approving his return to the National Assembly and imposing a four-month penalty to suspend the parliamentary group La France insoumise.

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Adrien Quatennens, who was very close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, was sentenced on December 13 after previously pleading guilty. “Incapacitating spousal abuse” Between October and December 2021, as well as for “regular and malicious sending of messages” To his wife between August and September 2022.

His group then decided to ban him for four months. But a lengthy television interview a day after his conviction drew sharp reactions from a number of “rebellious” MPs and activists, some of whom went so far as to call for his outright removal.

“Depending on Mr. Quatennens’ actions, we will see if he will rejoin the group after April 13.”announcement, Thursday France 2, Alexis Corbière, one of the administrators of rebel France, who considers himself excluded in the direction of the movement.

La Nupes will organize a “big campaign” on pensions

Regarding pension reforms, Jean-Luc Mélenchon recalled the campaign against the European Constitutional Treaty in 2005. “we can reverse a trend”Considering that the previous pension reform was also carried out in 2020 “blocked”.



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The government, which presented a plan to raise the retirement age to 64 on Tuesday, “He will do everything in his power to disgust people”, – the former presidential candidate said on France 2. And “We do everything to encourage them and [les] to set in motion”he warned, glad to see him in the alliance “great support”.

Insist on the crucial role of the New People’s, Environmental and Social Union (Nupes) to implement “big campaign” the anti-reform Jean-Luc Mélenchon promised that he would fight in parliament. “49.3 project to fix the Social Security budget in disguise”.

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