Samsung introduced its home automation center

With Samsung’s new SmartThings Station, users will be able to automate their home, including setting up home automation modes. Announced during CES 2023, this latest generation hub combines all the qualities needed to be adopted by a wide audience: easy to manage, very affordable and ultra-compatible, the SmartThings Station has everything to impress.

CES 2023: What is Samsung’s SmartThings Station?

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During CES 2023 Obviously, the issue was at the center of all the conversations and innovations. After many postponements and delays, the open protocol meant to connect the connected home is finally here and its presence is very much felt. Among the most interesting announcements made during the annual technology show in Las Vegas, the announcement of the new SmartThings gateway did not attract attention.

Indeed Samsung SmartThings Station looks promising. This can further facilitate the adoption of a connected ecosystem by the general public.

This the latest generation home automation hub It offers a lot of possibilities for programming and configuring a smart home, while also showing wide compatibility with other connected objects. This therefore guarantees an important aspect of home automation today:interaction. Among the compatible equipment? Of course, boarding school is important.

Simple to learn, Samsung’s SmartThings Station could be a game changer. Users have access to this gatewayautomate their entire homeand customize scenarios according to areas and their habits. The richer their home automation ecosystem, the greater the automation potential. The hub is also compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee.

Apart from some obvious benefits save time or improve well-beingSamsung’s SmartThings Station can also save money in the long run – for people with connected thermostats and smart lights, for example.

What is a home automation hub?The home automation center is the brain of the smart home. This device allows the various devices in your connected ecosystem to communicate with each other and thus program routines and automation scenarios at the center of the home.

SmartThings home automation hub or the heart of the connected home

At the start of the year, home automation trends seem pretty uncertain. It seems the world of innovation is at a crossroadsand products like Samsung’s SmartThings Station reflect both the sector’s challenges and some of its aspirations for the future.

Samsung Related Object
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This new smart hub: affordable, easy to use, multi-functional and ultra-compatible. Each of its aspects is an essential element for the real and future democratization of home automation in all homes. After installation, Samsung’s SmartThings Station is designed to be very easy to configure. The user only needs to follow the instructions and steps on their smartphone from the SmartThings mobile app.

In addition, creating routines is done from the same program. Thus, these can be activated remotely, as well as directly on site, thanks to a button integrated into the Samsung center.

A total of three modes can be stored in the station and are activated according to the time the button is pressed: short, medium or long press. In addition, the device includes SmartThings Find, feature that allows you to easily find your connected equipment thanks to geolocation.

Having a smarter home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensiveexplains Jaeyeon Jung, executive vice president and head of SmartThings, Samsung Electronics’ Device Platform Center. So we wanted to create the SmartThings Station so that it could simple, reliable and scalable smart home hub. The number of devices in the connected home continues to grow, especially given the recent launch of the Matter standard. We are proud to play a role in facilitating the adoption of this exciting technology. »

For starters, Samsung’s SmartThings Station will only be available in the South Korean market and later in the US. Price? About 60 dollars or 55 euros. To date, no release date has been announced for Europe.

Samsung’s SmartThings Station has a wireless charging pad for up to 15W compatible devices.

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