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The evening promises to be great for Friday the 13th with a Euromillions prize pool of €65 million tonight. You’ll have plenty to try your luck on this superstition day and you’ll have until 8:15pm to confirm your network. Once again. If you want, you can play Friday the 13th super lotto in parallel. Results will be available at 20:50 for the code, 21:15 for the MY Millions and 21:15 for the winning Euromillions numbers.

He climbs and climbs this EuroMillions pot, which has not been won for 15 days and still has no winner in 2023. The final draw on Tuesday evening did not allow the European player to win €50 million. Good news for players who have lost since €15 million has been added to the Friday the 13th jackpot showing €65 million.

Brand your network online today in less than 5 minutes, discover our guide below.

Play the grid for Euromillions on Friday 13th January 2023

Let’s break down your Euromillions game in 3 steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, create an account at La Française des jeux in minutes by clicking here. To open your account, you must be of legal age and over 18 and live in France, as a code will be sent to your address.
  2. Now that your player account has been created, you can play this popular Euromillions My million network. To do this, go to the appropriate section on or through the Française des jeux app and choose 5 numbers and two stars. €2.50 will be deducted from your player account for each simple grid to be played.
  3. If you have any credits in your account, they will be debited up to €2.50 per network checked. On the other hand, if you are creating an account, you will have to pay by credit card for a minimum deposit of 5 euros.
  4. That’s it, you’re done playing your Euromillions stake for this Friday, January 13now all you have to do is to get lucky and see the result tonight on this page.

Friday, January 13, 2023 €65,000,000 day hour min dry Player

My million lottery result from this Friday 13th from 20:50

For a player in France, this Friday the 13th will be synonymous with luck! Indeed, for the fourth time in 2023, a unique code, my million, will be drawn from all the codes created today. The winner’s region will be announced from 8:50 p.m. A player in France will win one million euros.

After DOM-TOMs, Corsica, New Aquitaine, which will be the winning region this January 13, 2023? Reply below tonight.

🔖 My Millions winning code for this Friday, January 13th : code waiting

Euromillions results from this Friday, January 13 at 21:15.

You will have to wait half an hour to know all the winning numbers of Euromillions. Starting at 21:15, 5 releases and two good stars drawn at random a little earlier will be posted online for free at and watched at

As a reminder, this is a jackpot of 65 million euros, which is played today and is to be divided among all the potential winners of the 1st tier. If you’re the big winner of the day, come back after 10pm to find the full winner report. So whether you are the only winner or if this jackpot is shared among several lucky ones is verified.

🎱 The winning numbers for this Friday, January 13th : from 9:15 p.m

Frequently asked questions about My Million Euromillions

What is the Friday 13th Euromillions jackpot?

The European Lottery will draw its €65 million jackpot this Friday, January 13. After 4 consecutive draws without a winner.

What time can we play the Euromillions grid tonight?

You will be able to tick 5 numbers and two stars until 20:15 on or at the point of sale. It’s Friday the 13th, so you’ll be able to play as normal. ▶ Play the Euromillions grid online

Will my Euromillions results be displayed for free?

Yes, displaying and accessing numbers on is free for all visitors without registration. Find the My Millions winning code from 20:50 and the Euromillions numbers will be posted at 21:15.

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