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In a context marked by the global energy crisis, the gas sector is preparing to respond to the challenges of energy transition and sovereignty in France. The new identity of French Gas embodies this technological and industrial ambition to fully decarbonize our economy and revitalize our territories. 84% of French people polled by IFOP* and France gas call on public authorities to speed up the development of renewable gases in our territories.

“Before and after 2022, it will be in the energy world, especially in our industry. Tomorrow, only gas producers will produce gas, and it will be renewable and low-carbon. We must accelerate the energy transition through various sources and technologies included in circular economy projects, and increase the local resources of our territories. “Explain Jean-Marc Leroy, President of France.

French gas: new partners and a wide field of intervention

The will of the association is clear and it is reflected in the slogan “Let’s transform French gas, energy together”. With a history of 150 years, the new identity of French gas recalls the existence of a French gas model centered around two pillars: protection and innovation of the French people, energy transition and alertness service, in addition to other energy vectors. It is accompanied by a new approach that brings together the agricultural sector, the waste industry, the world of startups and those developing renewable gas production technologies, such as methanization or pyrogasification. It calls on all stakeholders to support the establishment of an ambitious and balanced national energy and climate strategy from 2023 onwards.

The gas sector will exceed the target set by the current Multiannual Energy Program for renewable gases. Thanks to the development of the production of these gases in our regions, it is proposed to double this goal in the future in the French climate energy strategy. From 2030, the sector aims for 20% renewable and low-carbon gases in our national consumption.

Conservation and innovation: France seeks to accelerate the production of French green gases and ensure security of supply

The resilience and mobilization of the French gas sector allowed it to respond to the risk of power cuts this winter; This reminds us that it is important to balance the complementary supply and demand between electricity and gas.

Tomorrow’s gas will no longer be imported and fossil fuel, but local and green. Thanks to new production technologies and the dynamism of the anaerobic digestion sector, with more than 80% of projects of agricultural origin, it will enable:

– to manage the energy and climate transition: the energy produced from biogas, whether recovered in the form of electricity, heat or biofuel, contributes to the goal of carbon neutrality and to France’s energy sovereignty;
– the implementation of the new waste policy: the biogas sector enables the optimized recovery of organic waste and contributes to the European objectives of reducing the discharge of organic substances;
– development of agro-ecological policy: methanization allows to reduce natural waste from animal husbandry, to reduce the use of residual fertilizers, to fight against water pollution and to generalize the cultivation of intermediate crops, which is a source of many advantages: limiting soil erosion and increasing carbon stocks.

France Gas’ proposals for a successful energy transition

1) The goal of covering 20% ​​of renewable gas consumption by 2030 should be included in the law. The gas industry could double its renewable and low-carbon gas production targets;

2) Recognize the benefits of biomethane in residential buildings, for sustainable mobility and in industry:

– Maintenance of assistance to gas-heated households and introduction of biomethane to new apartments;
– Recognition as the main decarbonisation solution for heavy transport: maritime transport, freight and passenger transport.
– Simplification of biomethane tracking and recovery mechanisms for industrialists;
– Expeditious implementation of measures to speed up the sector, such as readjusting purchase prices to account for the effects of the crisis, including inflation, launching biomethane production contracts, and supporting the development of direct producer-to-producer contracts. companies.

A positive image of renewable gases, especially among the best-informed French public

A survey conducted by IFOP for France gas to measure French knowledge and perception of renewable gases shows that the overwhelming majority of French people support national independence in terms of energy sovereignty. 79% state that public authorities should take measures aimed at strengthening French production to reduce the risks of energy shortages.

Half of the French claim to know about renewable gases, but in a relatively superficial way. However, 86% say it is an “innovative solution”, 82% “the energy of the future”, 82% “a solution for the planet” and 81% “an important source of work”.

The use of the latter answered the question about “heating of individual and collective dwellings” and “heat production for industry and farms” (87% for each of the two), as well as “heating of public buildings such as swimming pools”. swimming pools, hospitals, schools, stadiums” (86%) remain the most popular.

In line with the desire to nationalize energy production, 84% of respondents believe that public authorities should go further to promote the development of renewable gas production. They are even 85% favorable to the development of production areas in their regions.

* The Ifop poll for French gas was conducted between December 13-14, 2022, through a self-administered online survey of 1,000 people representing the French population aged 18 and over.

About French gas

France gas represents the French gas sector responsible for all combustible gases (natural gas, renewable gases, liquefied gases, hydrogen). It brings together gas players involved in the entire gas chain working to produce renewable gases, achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, ensure security of supply in France and enable all customers to become committed players in the energy transition. A member of Medef’s Superior Energy Council, France Gaz is also a member of European associations: Eurogas, Marcogaz and the International Gas Union.

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