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Social networks, communities, consumer influencers… Digital interactions have become an important vector for promoting products and services. More than ever, e-commerce will dominate five key trends in 2023 in the logic of community and experience.

Affiliate marketing is still on the rise

the related trade Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok have a place in the digital agora, continuing to capitalize on their opportunities in terms of brand visibility and customer experience. Several of them already offer functionality augmented reality (AR)Nearly three-quarters (74%) of consumers who are happy with how certain brands have improved their online shopping experience thanks to AR and VR agree.

Instead of hot influencers or celebrities, brands will continue to collaborate with “smaller” creators whose values ​​and content align with the brand image. It is relatedcustomer experiencethis approach towards greater authenticity will remain a real guarantee of success.

The line between marketing and commerce will become more blurred

Traditionally a matter of commerce, marketers are now putting revenue generation and customer referrals at the center of their strategies. Given the exponential growth, this point is especially important for brands and retailers online shopping, social and comprehensive. Also, The roles of CMO, CCO, CRO and CDO of companies are merging.

At the same time, the technical stack will continue to consolidate and the platform approach will become more and more attractive, which will translate into better results and less work. The opportunities for both marketing and sales professionals are immense.

From consumers to communities

the business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing turned into consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketingbecause the role of buyers has grown in importance over the past decade.

More than ever, the voice of the consumer is one of the best ways to market products.

We will be able to use this word from 2023 “community” are used interchangeably in these abbreviations. While buyers can already interact on product pages and in review and Q&A forums on social networks, sellers must go further to create dedicated spaces where consumers are encouraged to discuss what they like and dislike, which helps brands develop their products. Smart moderation will help protect brand integrity in these spaces, but should never be used to hide or remove negative content. Through these communities, online or in personcustomers will sell the products they love to the business and bring in new customers in the process.

Revamped content/channel strategy

Marketers will continue to optimize channels marketing mix, and consider the allocation of budgets to different types of content, especially given the expected recession. The balance between brand-generated content and content from customers, with consumers favoring the latter, will also be considered.

More than half (53%) of people surveyed by Bazaarvoice found that user-generated content (UGC), such as images posted by customers, is more convincing in their purchasing decisions than commercial photography. Without fear of moving away from traditional branded content, which will always be necessary, brands and retailers should prioritize content that consumers love: content from other shoppers.

The path to truth

Reviews drive conversion, making them a desirable asset for brands looking to maintain or improve their reputation. However, clear limits with specific penalties should be put in place to prevent fake reviews from appearing online and to protect the valuable asset that real reviews represent for consumers who depend on them to make smart choices. LImplementation of the Community Omnibus Directive in May 2022 formed a new stage in its history online consumer protection, to ensure that reviews come from consumers who have actually purchased the product. Any innovation or development brings with it the need for a legal framework to combat abuse. In the case of e-commerce, this transparency is even more important because it is what gives it power by returning the benefit to the consumer.


Emmanuel Gerbier EMEA Director Customer Success at Bazaarvoice.

* BazaarVoice’s 2022 Shopping Experience Index

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