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Spacer welcomes Montpellier on behalf of the 16 on Saturday (18.00).e League A day. (©Facebook Spacer’s Toulouse)

Great weekend sports in terms of Toulouse. It will begin with two program meetings on Friday, January 13, 2023. First, movement Toulouse Basketball ClubResident of Nationale 1 (3e division), on the floor of Rueil-Malmaison (20:00), followed by Pro D2, with Colomiers Biarritz (p.9.00) will receive.

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The sports menu will continue on Saturday, January 14 Toulouse stadium He will face Sale (England) in the Champions Cup (14:00). National (3e rugby division) will also return, notably with the move to Valence-Romans. Blagnac. Women’s rugby will also be featured Toulouse stadium will host Montpellier (17:00) and Blagnac will host “Lion” (18:30).

The Spacers will also have their say and host Montpellier in the early evening (18:00). It will end with a change of venue in the evening Toulouse Metropolis Basketball in Tarbes (at 8 o’clock). Finally, on Sunday, January 15, Utopia will host Brest in Ligue 1 (15:00) and thus close this sporting weekend in Toulouse.

Spacer is looking for redemption against Montpellier

Swept away by Sète Aragos (3-0), Thursday 5 January, the Spacers (10e) will have to return to the road again in order not to get further away from the top 8, which is synonymous with qualifying for the final stage of the championship. For this, Toulouse will host Montpellier as part of the round of 16 on the last day, Saturday, January 14 (18:00) as part of the round of 16, which broke its black streak of 6 consecutive defeats by beating Paris (3-2).e League A day.

Blagnac finds Valence-Romance to recover

After last week’s Pro D2, it’s Milli’s turn to make her big comeback this weekend. Before the holidays, Albi was defeated (24-13). Blagnac Ernest-Argelès will try to continue its unbeaten streak (6 wins, 1 draw) against Valence-Romans on Saturday, January 14 (4:00 p.m.).e championship day.

Caouecs, currently 6e The championship and the first playoffs will have a lot to do against the Dax dolphin. They will be eager to bounce back, especially since Drôme, beaten 4 times in their last 5 outings (not counting the victory over Cognac on the green carpet, editor’s note).

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Stade Toulousein as a scarecrow on sale

On the last day of the Top 14, it narrowly lost in La Rochelle (30-7). Toulouse stadium he will be able to put his head in place by returning to the competition where he excelled for many years.

Winners of the first two European matches this season (Munster and Sale), Ugo Mola’s proteges, in addition to capturing a good option for 8.there is In the final, there is an opportunity to make three passes on the lawn of the English Sale, Saturday 14 January (14.00), 3.e Champions Cup day.

A fairly successful opponent for Toulouse as they have never lost against them (in 5 encounters). Rouge et Noir in particular will benefit from an almost full squad, unlike the debacle at La Rochelle.

Colomiers must confirm against Biarritz

With a logical defeat in front of Oyonnax (12-29), the undisputed leader until the break, Colomiers On the last day of the championship on the lawn of Carcassonne (9-21), he managed to bounce back when needed.

Currently 6there is Pro D2 and the first jump, Columérins, will try to find continuity in their performances on the occasion of the reception of Biarritz on Friday, January 17 (13:00).e Pro D2 days. In particular, Biarrots, who last weekend painlessly won over Montauban (20-17), have shown signs of bright fever away from their base since the beginning of the season.

Shock between Stade Toulouse and Montpellier, Blagnac looking for continuity against Lyon

Lons Division fell to Paloise (6-3) on their way into the game, Toulouse stadium The women were able to raise the winning peak in Rennes (0-11) on the last day of Elite 1. Against Montpellier, Saturday January 14 (5 pm), 4 namese On Championship Day, the reigning French champions will have to get rid of Heraultaises, leaders of Pool 1 and unbeaten since the start of the season.

On his sideBlagnac performs the beginning of the exercise after the previous one. The French vice-champions are simply unstoppable, beating Stade Villeneuvois, Grenoble and Bobiigny in succession. This Saturday, January 14 (18:30), the Blagnacaises will have the opportunity to further strengthen their position as leaders of Pool 2 against Lyon.

Tefécé will try to gain a good momentum against Brest

After coming off a 5 game black streak in Ligue 1 without an iota of success, Utopia It regained its color in early 2023. After an adjustment to Lannion (1-7) in the French Cup, the Violets rejoin the championship this Tuesday at Auxerre (0-5). A third successive success for Toulouse in 2023.

Back on deck this weekend, Philippe Montanier’s protégés will have the opportunity to surf their elegant dynamics during a reception in Brest on January 15th (3:00 p.m.).e championship day. A win against the first relegation would be nice to get a little more lead over the red zone.

Toulouse Métropole Basket in Tarbes to break the curse

Times are hard Toulouse Metropolis Basketball. In addition to receiving 6e Last Saturday’s humiliating loss at LFB (85-77) at Angers floor, TMB will also have to be without their best player Kalis Lloyd for the upcoming matches, affected by an ankle sprain at the start of the match.

A loss that could have serious consequences in terms of the already crucial trip to Tarbes as part of the 9 on Saturday January 14 (20:00).e championship day.

A dangerous meeting for Toulouse Basketball Club in Rueil-Malmaison

After three straight games at home Toulouse Basketball Club it will be out this weekend. Defeated against Poitiers on the last day (79-84), TBC has an appointment with the Rueil-Malmaison side, Friday January 13 (8 pm), on behalf of the 19e National day 1.

The residents of Il-de-France lost the first match by a short title (85-81), but last weekend they created a sensation by winning on the Challans floor (85-88). Toulouse, 8there is the championship winner, so 8 days after the end of the 1st stage, he will not have the right to make a mistake to not be too far from the leading car.

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