Prime Minister promotes economic growth and trade ties at North American Leaders Summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today concluded a successful visit to Mexico City, where he participated in the Tenth Summit of North American Leaders (SLNA) with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and United States President Joe Biden. . The summit allowed leaders to continue their partnership to grow our economies for the good of all and create good middle-class jobs across the continent. Prime Minister Trudeau was joined by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Jolie, International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development Minister Mary Ng and Public Safety Minister Marco EL Mendicino.

During the summit, the leaders signed the North American Declaration. This Joint Leaders’ Statement expresses a commitment to build our economy for the benefit of people and to deepen tripartite cooperation in each of NALS’ six pillars: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; climate change and the environment; competitiveness; health; migration and development; and regional security.

The leaders discussed issues related to global and regional stability, such as Iran, China and Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. They also discussed hot spots in the hemisphere such as Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. The prime minister stressed the importance of international cooperation to support the resolution of political, security and humanitarian crises with strong Haitian leadership. The Prime Minister raised the possibility of expanding support to Haiti with the United States and Mexico, including increasing humanitarian aid, imposing sanctions, strengthening the Haitian National Police, and weakening and neutralizing Haitian criminal gangs and their supporters. . Today, Canada delivered to the Haitian National Police two enhanced anti-mine and ambush vehicles purchased by Haiti to assist the police force in restoring peace and security.

Prior to the SLNA, Canada, Mexico, and the United States condemned the attacks on democracy and the peaceful transfer of power in Brazil on January 8 and expressed support for Brazil’s efforts to protect its democratic institutions.

Prime Minister Trudeau met with President López Obrador, and the two leaders reiterated their mutual desire to strengthen our already close economic ties and longstanding friendship. In the face of increasingly complex global challenges, Prime Minister Trudeau and President López Obrador reaffirmed the importance of a strong bilateral relationship between Canada and Mexico by adopting a new Canada-Mexico Action Plan. This action plan aims to stimulate bilateral initiatives in various areas, including strengthening and further expanding trade and investment relations, promoting gender equality and sharing experiences of reconciliation with indigenous peoples. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the continued partnership between Canada and Mexico. This will allow them to take advantage of opportunities for economic cooperation and strengthening supply chains arising from the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the clean economy..

The Prime Minister also met with President Biden. Leaders highlighted significant progress made under the Roadmap for a Renewed United States-Canada Partnership. They discussed the critical importance of North American trade, competitiveness and supply chains, particularly as they relate to critical minerals and semiconductors. During the meeting, bilateral progress towards elimination of delays related to the NEXUS program was also noted. By increasing the number of interviews, reopening check-in centers across Canada and offering interviews at Canadian airport pre-clearance centres, we are building on the record progress we have made since October 2022 and continuing to work closely together to facilitate travel across our border and reach billions of people. dollar economic activity.

Prime Minister Trudeau also reiterated Canada’s continued commitment to providing humanitarian, military, financial and other assistance to the government and people of Ukraine. He announced that Canada had purchased a nationally advanced surface-to-air missile system and related munitions from the United States for donation to Ukraine. This air defense system helps protect against drone, missile and aircraft attacks with a high degree of effectiveness. This donation, worth approximately $406 million, was made possible thanks to the additional $500 million in military aid to Ukraine announced on November 14, 2022.

The prime minister also emphasized Canada’s commitment to protecting North American airspace and addressing defense and security challenges abroad by investing in a modern fleet of fighter jets. This fleet represents an important and necessary capability for the Canadian Armed Forces to protect Canadian sovereignty, ensure continental security and contribute to international peace and stability.

While in Mexico, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden announced that President Biden will visit Canada in March 2023.

At NALS, the Prime Minister further demonstrated Canada’s commitment to continued North American partnerships by announcing that Canada will host the next summit.


“Canada’s partnership with the United States and Mexico advances Canada’s priorities of building a clean economy, sustainable supply chains and prosperity-centered economies. We are demonstrating to the world that our democracies will work hand-in-hand around the most pressing challenges of our time.”

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada


  • In Mexico, the prime minister participated in the North American Leaders’ Summit, where he discussed climate change, the transition to a clean economy, building supply chain sustainability, continental, regional and global issues. The summit was organized by the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE – Mexico Business Coordination Council) with the support of the Canadian Business Council (CCA) and the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC).
  • Prime Minister Trudeau addressed an audience of more than 200 people, including members of the CCE, the Mexico-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI), on Canada-Mexico relations and the North. America’s competitiveness. He promoted the importance of the North American Leaders Summit and its outcomes and outlined Canada’s vision for North America. He provided information on Canada’s foreign policy and international economic policy priorities and reiterated Canada’s new Indo-Pacific Strategy and Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy. He also discussed COP15 in Montreal last month. In addition, the Prime Minister emphasized the important role played by business leaders and foreign policy experts in strengthening North American competitiveness and strengthening Canada-Mexico relations. He strongly encouraged Mexican companies to invest in Canada.
  • In Mexico, the Prime Minister also held separate meetings with Alfa Chairman Armando Garza Sada, Alfa Chairman Alvaro Fernandez Garza, Grupo Bimbo Chairman and CEO Daniel Servitje Montul, and Toronto President and CEO Jody Cuzenko. based on Torex Gold. During these meetings, he argued that Canada is an innovative and globally competitive trade and investment partner.
  • Maninder Sidhu, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Julie Dzerociwz, Member of Parliament and President of the Canada-Mexico Friendship Group, also attended the Summit.

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