OMNISPORTS: Jacques Favre, the new head of sports in the Department of the Somme

Last Monday at the Maison des Sports in Amiens, Jacques Favre was very discreet as he attended the CDOS swearing-in ceremony.

Jacques Favre was not invited to speak, but he took advantage of this inauguration to get to know the heads of departmental committees. Because Jacques Favre has changed his costume and now he’s just walking leads sports in the departmentspecifically named in context Paris 2024 Games. This chosen teenager is truly a man to be reckoned with in French sports, starting with swimming. Jacques Favre wore and still wears the colors of the Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille.

In 2015, Jacques Favre decided to run for the position when the current president, Lionel Horter, had just resigned. National Technical Director (DTN) swimming. A post previously held by former Picardie CTR, Claude Fauquet from 2001 to 2008. 17 candidates, especially future sports minister Roxana Maracineanu. Jacques Favre won and then led the French delegation to the Olympic Games. Rio 2016.

So it is this leader who will come to the Somme and obviously dedicate his time to this cause to prepare athletes for the Olympics and to communicate with sports development staff on a daily basis: volunteers.

We asked Jacques Favre what his career at Amiens would look like next, recalling the statement made by Margaux Deletre, elected in charge of sport at the departmental council (front page photo above). professional sports will be helped again. It’s obviously a good thing, and besides, Jacques Favre went to watch the L2 Amiens SC v Guingamp match on Tuesday night, even going down to the side of the pitch.

Before landing his role in Somme, Jacques Favre briefly retraced his route.

“I was born in Algeria, but I soon came to Marseille. I have been international swimming Over 100 and 200 m. Then at some point, in 2015, I was lucky enough to have the door open for the Swimming DTN position. I also studied law and found myself in the business world in Aix-en-Provence. I joined the Marseille Chamber of Commerce and worked hard in an area that interested me: second chance school.

At the same time, I took care of the top swimmers at my club, the Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille. We worked hard to remove group cohesion, mental burden and everyone’s individuality, somehow erase the egos so everyone is equal. I am still a member of this club and I created another club in Marseille, Team Marseille Natation, which works in the social field. But above all, I have a lot of respect for the volunteers and their ability to be there every day and supervise the young people. I enjoy watching them…”

By chance in Amiens?

“A chance meeting means that I find myself in Amiens. It turns out that I was involved in sports politics in Clichy-sous-Bois for three years. I was approached by phone last summer. I felt it was important to create this position in this department. I believe that the department does not suffer from any shortage in terms of equipment. I also saw that there is great respect for institutions. I noted that the association has a fairly clear idea of ​​the Department, what it does and what it distributes as money.

Jacques Favre does not forget to applaud the action of Claude Fouquet, a Samaritan like him from swimming.

The idea is to improve high-level coaches

Apart from watching the youngsters in the Paris 2024 group, the top level doesn’t really interest me anymore. The games are important and I had the chance to experience them as a leader. Also this Convey the realism and brutality of games because the Olympics are very different from the world championships. I found the department’s work with young athletes to be both family oriented and focused.

The idea is also to re-evaluate senior coaches. We have seen seven of them, but maybe there are others… We should focus on the know-how of Picardy trainers. Even committees can do that, and I know it Claude Fauquet did it, by organizing a conference of coaches. »

By the way, what should we call Jacques Favre?

“Just Mr. Sports Director of the Department of the Somme. »

Lionel Herbert
Photo credit: DR and Gazette Sports (archive)

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