de Planta Architectes is co-funding the tool to raise awareness of sustainable building issues

The e-learning module developed with Blossom should enable 45 internal employees to complete the training, while also aiming to accelerate the awareness of the companies partnering with the Geneva office and vice versa.

Since 2021, committed to a strategic approach aimed at placing sustainability at the heart of its activities, the Geneva office of Planta Architectes has co-funded the design and development of an e-learning module to raise awareness of sustainable development and corporate social issues. concrete construction site responsibility (CSR). With a desire to turn words into action, its partners wanted to make a concrete commitment to a project that would encourage other local players in the sector to change their practices.

This initiative is part of the office’s social responsibility strategy roadmap defined by the management of the office of Planta et Associés Architectes. Commitment to sustainability in construction is no longer an option. In Switzerland, buildings generate almost a third of CO emissions2 They are responsible for 40% of the country’s energy consumption, according to the Building Program of the confederation and the cantons. Aware of the role architects have to play, among others, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in accordance with the Paris Agreement ratified by Switzerland in 2017, the partners of the Planta Architectes office expressed the problem at the level of their ecosystem. Indeed, only a collective effort will allow us to offer sustainable building solutions, combining the social dimensions, taking into account respect for the environment and biodiversity, but also ensuring health and well-being in buildings and neighborhoods.

Management has defined a clear strategy and developed a roadmap to integrate a sustainability approach into the core of the office’s operations. During several workshops, CSR consultants accompanied the partners in analyzing their problems and defining their priority goals related to social responsibility according to the 3 axes of commitment, which are the pillars of the approach:

  • Axis 1: Be an attractive and responsible company to attract and retain sustainable construction professionals within the office.
  • Axis 2: Act as an expert and pragmatic office to integrate sustainability into all achievements.
  • Axis 3: Work with an efficient and committed ecosystem of partners who share their values ​​and principles.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a cross-cutting commitment that guides reflection in all of the office’s achievements, as well as in interactions with partners and day-to-day activities.

De Planta et Associés Architectes’ participation in the co-funding of an e-learning module to raise awareness of key challenges in the construction sector confirms the firm’s desire to give meaning to its strategic vision. It aims not only to complete the training of its 45 internal employees, but also to accelerate the awareness of the companies cooperating with the office and vice versa. Johann Leresche, partner, notes: “By offering access to this information module to our privileged partners as well as our customers, we are changing the lines and enabling actors in the building and construction sector to make informed choices and implement sustainable solutions.”

An e-learning module (duration 50 min.) to raise awareness of sustainable construction issues was developed in collaboration with Blossom, an agency specializing in strategic consulting in the field of sustainability/CSR and responsible communication. Co-sponsored by the Office of Planta, the module is part of an engaging, interactive and fun learning journey – Impactful Learning with Prosperity, which includes a number of other modules covering sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, business start-up benefits. to stakeholders in the sustainability journey, as well as reporting methods, labels, etc. This program also includes two additional modules specifically dedicated to sustainable finance.

By following the Impact Learning program, learners become aware of today’s major environmental, social and economic issues and understand how they should be considered in a company’s sustainability strategy.

“In about a year, we have trained about 6,000 people and we are happy to continue our growth thanks to this project. Our motivation is to bring awareness to as many people as possible and contribute to the creation of real changes”, emphasizes Laurence De Cecco, founder of Impact Learning.

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