Corinne Deacon, Marion Rousse and Alice Modolo talked about their journey in Clermont-Ferrand

“As athletes, we all have the fear of the impossible and of not being able to surpass ourselves, but you, moreover, have taken paths that no woman has taken before,” emphasizes Renaud Lavillenie, the host of international pole vaulting. this conference that brings together these three exceptional women this Tuesday at the Maison des Sports in Clermont-Ferrand. How do you explain it? »
The answer is unanimous: never doubt your skills and abilities.

Corinne Deacon has been extended at the helm of the Blues until 2024

If Corinne Deacon did not take lightly the decision to accept Claude Michy’s request to coach Clermont Foot and thus become the first woman in charge of a professional football team, it was evident.

True, when Claude Michy contacted me, I had to weigh the pros and cons with my family. I went to Clermont-Ferrand to meet the people of the club and a hotel night was reserved for me. But I was so lost in my thoughts that I could never sleep there… And Claude Michy will find out tonight: I left at 4am to go home. But I was just responding to a job offer that perfectly matched my skills, qualifications and passion. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female.

“Being a woman or a man is not an issue”

For Women’s Tour de France director Marion Rousse, skills are also central to her sporting and professional progress.

award Marion Rousse, Tour de France women’s director: “We did not miss the reliefs that the Massif Central offered us”

When I competed, I wanted to show that I could beat the boys and I did it… Moreover, I saw parents crying because I was better than their son… I forced myself with my actions, gestures… And I continued. like this. It’s true that when I started as a consultant at France TV, I was afraid that people who were in tune with the times would see me as the little blonde they put there. But I went there as an original and spent many years in the saddle of a bicycle… I think I know what I’m talking about!

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“And those skills, you have to have the courage to embrace them, just like you put in place to be successful,” returns freediver Alice Modolo of Clermont. You have to know how to listen to yourself, not get stuck because you are told to do it or not to do it. Only you know what is good for you. I never conformed to the male model of evolving in discipline because it didn’t suit me. Three years ago I was a dental surgeon. Today, against all odds, I live my passion for freediving to the fullest. It was the way I had to go…”

Alice Modolo successfully freedived over 100 meters with a monofin in the Bahamas.

This event is organized by ESC Clermont and Sport Féminine & Co. Unique in France, this institution brings together ASM Romagnat, Chamalières Volleyball club, Clermont Foot Féminine, HBCAM and ASM Football Féminine to pool their resources.

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