a method of self-questioning and decision-making

What is the CQQCOQP method?

The “CQQCOQP” or “QQCOQCP” method is a problem solving method that allows you to find a clear answer to a certain situation. It is based on a series of questions that help gather the information needed to define, understand, or clarify a situation: How? Yes ? WHO? How much ? Where? When ? why? These questions, asked in this way, allow us to understand a situation and find solutions.

This analysis technique can be used in project management, communication or marketing, sales or human resources. Depending on your goals, the method does not change, but the questions may differ. Indeed, if you want to solve a problem, define a product tailored to your target, enliven a conference, build a marketing strategy or rather define a project, they will be targeted differently. In this paper, we have chosen to focus on the method for the purpose of identifying a situation or responding to a problem.

CQQCOQP: various factors of the method


Thanks for the question How?, you define the situation or problem as a whole. The following questions allow you to learn, among other things, how the problem arose, how the people concerned acted in the face of this situation, or what tools were used.

  • How does the problem manifest itself?
  • How are concerned actors reacting?
  • How are the company, services organized?
  • How to solve the problem?
  • What methods and tools are implemented?

Yes ?

The idea here is to clarify the situation or problem you are facing. The answers to these questions describe the situation, its risks, measures taken, etc.

  • What is it about? What observations do you make?
  • What is the problem? how is the situation
  • What are the risks?
  • What measures have been taken?
  • What are the consequences of this situation?


Question WHO? allows you to list all the people who are attractive around the situation or problem being faced. The main questions to ask are:

  • Who creates the problem?
  • Who is involved in the situation or problem?
  • Who reported the problem?
  • Who is responsible for the file, project?
  • Who needs answers about this situation?

How much ?

Answers to the question How much ? identifying the various tools, equipment, deadlines, and financial needs necessary to clarify a particular situation or problem.

  • How many equipment, services or workstations are concerned?
  • How much time do we have…?
  • How many people attend?
  • How long has this been going on?
  • What is the expected cost…?


Purpose with the question Where? is to determine the location of the encountered situation. These questions also allow you to set the environment and context.

  • Where did the problem occur? Where did the situation occur?
  • In what environment?
  • Where can I find the information I need…?
  • Where is the person or department located?
  • At what stage does this problem appear?

When ?

This list of questions allows you to determine when and at what speed the problem and situation occurred.

  • When did the problem occur?
  • How long has this situation lasted?
  • How often does this condition or problem occur?
  • When was this problem or condition first reported?
  • When does this happen?


Answers to the question Why? it will allow you to learn more about the reasons and motivations associated with your situation so that you can better understand it.

  • What are the causes of the problem?
  • Why does this issue arise now?
  • What is the purpose behind this situation?
  • What causes this condition?
  • Why is this situation problematic?

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