6 protective case for iPhone 2022

Looking for a case to protect and personalize your new iPhone? Here’s a small selection of the best and coolest iPhone 14 cases.

As soon as the iPhone is purchased, it is recommended to invest in a case or cover to protect your device to protect it from any impact. You wouldn’t want to find it already damaged, so new and especially for the price it cost you. Plus, if you trade in a working iPhone when you want to switch devices in a few years, you’ll be a winner.

There are many cases. Most provide protection for the iPhone, but some are more versatile than others. You can choose a model that doubles as a wallet, thin enough not to bulk up your iPhone, or a transparent model that allows you to reveal the color of the iPhone 14.

If you’re looking for a protective, clear, MagSafe compatible, stylish, wallet case, we’re here to help you find the best one.

Most of the cases we’ve listed are available from the manufacturer or from Amazon, and don’t forget that you get faster shipping with Prime. While we can’t thoroughly test all of these cases, we can assure you that they come from reliable manufacturers whose covers and cases we’ve tested in the past. These are safe bets.

Do you really need protection for your iPhone?

Apple likes to emphasize the durability of its iPhones, for example, their screens are protected by a ceramic front (Ceramic Shield), and the latest iPhones are waterproof up to a maximum depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes. But iPhones break down and are expensive to repair.

You might think you can avoid getting coverage if you sign up for AppleCare+. This insurance will allow you to simply replace or repair an accidentally damaged iPhone, but you will still have to pay €29 for screen damage and €99 for other damages.


Shieldon genuine leather case

This Shieldon case protects your iPhone and doubles as a wallet with three card slots and a compartment for cash. It also has RFID blocking technology for added security. Your iPhone and its rear photo sensors are protected by raised shock-resistant edges. There’s also a handy kickstand to place your phone at the perfect viewing angle. The icing on the cake: Shieldon offers a lifetime warranty.

Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but not MagSafe compatible.


OtterBox Symmetry+ MagSafe Case

OtterBox Symmetry+ MagSafe Case

The OtterBox Symmetry+ case not only keeps your iPhone safe, but also protects it from germs. OtterBox subjects its cases to thousands of hours of drop testing, so you can be sure that despite its ultra-thin nature, it will protect your iPhone from drops and scratches.

In addition, the case has raised edges to protect the photo sensors and screen.

Compatible with MagSafe and comes in multiple colors.

Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and MagSafe compatible.


Tech21 Evo Max Rugged Case

Tech21 Evo Max Rugged Case

Tech21’s Evo Max case is on a mission to withstand extreme conditions like a 20-foot drop, according to the company. It is made of durable materials with extra heavy impact protection layers. It is equipped with a belt clip, which also acts as a crutch. There is also a sliding cover to cover the camera and protect it from dust and dirt.

Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and MagSafe compatible.


Classic Kickstand ESR case with HaloLock

ESR Classic Kickstand Case

ESR’s Classic Kickstand case has strong magnets and is perfect for use with MagSafe. When it comes to iPhone security, it is made of durable zinc alloy and features extra protection on the top edges and corners. The camera cap on the back acts as a kickstand, adjustable from 0 to 85 degrees. Its transparency will allow anyone to see the color of iOS.

Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and MagSafe compatible.


MagSafe Aramid Fiber Compatible Mousse Bag

MagSafe Aramid Fiber Compatible Mousse Bag

Mous makes different cases for the entire iPhone 14 model line. We tested the MagSafe compatible aramid fiber case with the iPhone 14. It’s made from a special AiroShock material that the company describes as ultra-tough, impact-resistant and protective. . Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to remove the case, but fortunately it is not necessary.

MagSafe compatibility means you should be able to connect the full range of MagSafe accessories and get the fastest charge possible. Inside, the microfiber liner should protect the glass from scratches.

The case is quite thin and does not weigh down the phone. The back has a wavy design that provides good grip. The edges are raised as is the back covering the camera lenses. Our only real criticism is that the buttons are a bit difficult to use.

Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and of course MagSafe compatible.

Casetify Bounce case

If you’re looking for an original case, consider the Bounce model from Casetify, so named because it’s designed to withstand drops. In fact, it’s been tested to withstand more than 156 drops from all angles and up to 3.5 meters, according to the company. But its seriousness doesn’t stop it from being original and fun, there’s something for everyone.

The case includes “Bounce Corners”, which are made from a material called EcoShock, which is 40% plant-based and sustainably designed.

Available for iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro and Pro Max and MagSafe compatible.

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