The Girondins lose the thread of the match [Joueur par joueur Caen-Bordeaux]

“Girondins de Bordeaux” drew (2-2) in Caen with a result that looked like a defeat. However, they were 2-0 up at half-time and were held to another dismissal (Michelin in 68′), their third in 3 games. This result sounds like a defeat. Let’s look at player-by-player performance.

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David Guion : Programmed the return of 433, which surprised and irritated the Normans in the first period. His team’s first 35 minutes are excellent and “Bordeaux” are suffocating their opponents. Maja plays in the pivot, Elis transports in the axis, Bordo plays high. But in the break, Caen changes the system and returns to the account. David Guion could not adapt to this tactical change. Worse, with numbers down, he only makes two substitutions (Bakwa, Badji) as players struggle physically. So he brings in Badji, who can’t keep the ball. With the exception of Bakwa, the young Bordeaux guard (Lacoux, Pirringuel, de Lima, Louis-Jean) remained on the bench to witness the defeat. The coach of “Bordeaux” lost in the second half. It saves one point, but very little given this scenario.

Gaetan Poussin : Clinging to his line on Caen’s two goals, he did not come forward to ward off the danger and lighten his defence. This was confirmed by two Norman achievements. He made 5 saves in this game.

Clement Michelin : his dismissal is the turning point of the match. He receives a second yellow card and leaves his teammates at 10 in the last 25 minutes of the game. If his offensive runs hinder the opposing team, he still can’t master defensive substitutions and is often late. In this match, it costs “Bordeaux” again. The 26-year-old was naive.

John Barbet : He spent the second half in battle mode with Stian Gregersen to plug gaps in the defensive front. He is the decisive pass of the second goal of the Girondins. Although he won only one duel in this match, he made 5 clearances and 1 interception. Caen gets a header on the equalizer.

Stian Gregersen : Alexandre Mendy’s first goal is headed in. He also fought well in duels. He wins 3 head games.

Vital Nsimba : smiling and very relaxed in the first half. He brings danger with relentless runs. In the second half, the Normans beat his side and he is in trouble. He is dribbled twice and Caen can’t contain his fury. Out of 9 duels played on the ground, he could not win only 4, none in the territories. He loses 19 balls in the game. It’s a lot.

Little Mwanga : very good in the first half with accurate and forward play at the bottom of the middle three. In the second half, he left his spot low to make a higher pass to the left and things went off the rails. He is lost on the field and does not know how to position himself against opponents. He wins 7 duels and loses 16 balls.

Danilo Ignatenko : we keep his two dry hits on the target positive. Once again struggling to make fast forward transitions. Instead of playing fast, Bordeaux lag behind by slowing down their game. He also loses 19 balloons. He won 4 duels in the 90-minute game. Guion does not see that he is physically tired in the last quarter of the hour and leaves him on the field.

fransergio : recycled technical waste. 18 balls were lost and only 3 duels were won. He took the wave as a Bordeaux midfielder in the second half.

Albert Ellis : he is in the right wing back position. He pulled his weight despite many failed ball checks on offense. In the opening, Maja makes the decisive pass. Too bad his technical prowess isn’t there as his pass accuracy is just 64%. It’s very weak and makes up for it with its commitment. He fought and won 5 duels. In addition, his defensive replacement deteriorated within minutes of the second half, punishing the tenacity of the Bordeaux unit.

Zuriko Davitashvili : follows matches and resembles each other. It’s especially average. 63% pass success, lost 16 balls out of 30 touches. Hoping to serve the collective is disastrous. He faded again within minutes and was replaced by Bakwa in the 59′. The latter tries a custom solution without even being able to make the difference.

Josh Maja : The best Bordelais in the land of Ornano. The author of the double, his gesture is full of account opening control. The second arm is struck by a decisive reflex on the fox surfaces. Finally, we found Maja, who plays the pivot and controls the game for the team. He is the top scorer of Ligue 2 with 10 goals.

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