Lost phone: How to find iPhone and Android phone

More and more technology is making users’ lives easier. Today, it is possible to find friends on the other side of the planet without going there. Likewise, you can locate a loved one when they misplace their phone. How to do it.

The phone is our daily companion. We take it with us anywhere (while walking, jogging, traveling, gym, work, kitchen, car, plane, train, etc.). We use it to play music, make calls, buy and sell, take photos, send letters, print, write texts, connect to computers, TVs and other devices, block contacts, surf the Internet, watch movies, watch the weather, Put GPS, hide our number, etc. Today, it is impossible to set foot outside without this connected object. However, despite its size and weight, the phone can get lost very quickly. A moment of carelessness and nature somewhere. However, we have personal data on our phones (digital identity document, bank application, account codes, sometimes intimate pictures, contact of our relatives, business documents and other important information about us). When misplaced, all this information is in nature or sometimes in the hands of a malicious person. Today, there are ways to locate your phone. Even more so if you have an iPhone.

How to find your friend’s iPhone?

You want to locate your friend’s iPhone because they misplaced it or someone stole it from them. To achieve this, your friend must first set up their iPhone. Otherwise, it will be difficult to locate the iPhone. So here are the little tips we give you when you just bought an iPhone.

  • Go to options”parameters”, then enter your ID settings apple.
  • You will see the “Set Location” menu. There, enter and activate “offline location“, as well as the ” optionPost my last position“.

So you are done locating your iPhone. If it is lost or stolen, you can find it using the find function that we will show you below.

Lost or stolen iPhone: here’s what you need to do to locate your phone

The iOS app has changed since iOS 13. Now it is no longer possible to access any iCloud account to find your friend’s phone. Only your iCloud account can locate your iPhone. Therefore, the choice “help a friend” added to allow your loved ones to find your iPhone from their iCloud. If you’ve misplaced your iPhone, tell a relative or friend to:

  • see you later”Place it
  • Then “openI“. Here, pull up the panel and “help a friend“. Mobile Website”Place it” will open immediately in the Safari browser.
  • At this stage, you will see a green dot appear on the geographic map offered by Apple according to your geographic location. This green dot indicates the location iPhone from your friend.

From this moment, you can call the phone, leave a message with the number, so that whoever has it will call you and send it back. You can delete all content on the device, block it and make it useless for life. In other cases, we suggest you lock the phone and share the location with the Police who can get it for you.

How to find a friend’s Android phone?

Android phone deployment also requires prior configuration at the phone level. The first thing to do will be to create your Gmail or Google account. Thus, the application “Find a phone” is automatically enabled by default with this account. To find the device, the device must be turned on, connected to a Google account, connected to the Internet and visible. Google PlayThe location function must be enabled, also “Find my device“. Then follow these instructions:

  • Go to Google Android Tap
  • After entering the link, at the top of the screen “useless phone
  • Log in to the main profile if you have multiple Google accounts on your phone
  • Systematically, the misplaced phone receives a notification that you have connected or attempted an intrusive connection. Then it appears On the MAP map, the location of the lost Android phone.

Despite this, Google determines that the geographical location of the place is not always accurate. However, you have the option to send a message containing your number so that the person holding your phone returns it to you. You can too lock your phone, delete the contents of the phone and request to erase the data on the phone. Good news, if you find your phone, with Google login, you can always use your phone again by simply entering your Google password. otherwise it can no longer be used for life.

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