How to backup and restore iPhone?

You have a problem with your iPhone, you are changing the model or you want to clean it… I will tell you step by step how to backup and restore your Apple smartphone.

You may encounter problems with your iPhone. After that there are 2 types of users. The first is the exemplary student who regularly backs up, and the second is the one who never backs up due to lack of time or simply because they don’t know how to do it.

First, we will backup the entire iPhone. This includes calls, SMS, settings, pictures, configuration of your mailboxes and your applications. Then I will tell you how to restore and restore your backup on iPhone.

What is an iPhone restore?

It’s very simple, Restoring an iPhone is simply restoring the iPhone to a backup platform. Don’t confuse it with a hard reset that will completely erase your data without a backup.

Why Restore iPhone?

There are several reasons why you might want to restore your iPhone:

  • Amendment a Slow iPhone: Some data may be collected on your phone iPhone and therefore slow down its performance, restoring your phone may fix this problem

  • Sending to after-sales service: When sending your iPhone to Fnac after-sales service, it you may be prompted to restore your smartphone.

  • Your sale iPhone.

Recovery can be done directly From iPhone with iCloudWhere Using a computer or Mac with iTunes.

Restore iPhone from iCloud

Step one: Back up your iPhone

A backup will be very important during recovery, if you want to avoid losing your data, it’s inevitable, it’s like a “checkpoint”.

  • I invite you to go to this page to backup iPhone from iCloud parameters From iPhone, then goiCloud areaas shown in the figure.

Copy the ht parameter

  • Click now iCloud Backup

backup (2)

You are now on the backup in box page iCloud Backup is verified, your data is automatically saved; if not, you can back it up by pressing the ” button. Backup now“. Be sure to also check the date of the last backup to ensure you have the most recent data.

Step Two: Restore iPhone

To restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup, you need to erase everything on your iPhone. Go to do it parameters => common => resetafter delete the content and parametersiPhone and then hard reset.

Then it’s the beginning of the iPhone as it was first used. In the menu Programs and Informationjust click Restore from iCloud and select the last backup (or one of your choice).

Restore and backup iPhone with computer

If you want to back up locally, you can do it from a computer with iTunes.

By default, iTunes is already installed on Macs, for Windows PCs you will need to install it from here Windows Store.

  • Connect the iPhone to your computer, the latter will recognize the iPhone.
  • Click on the iPhone thumbnail in the upper left, and you’ll find yourself in the summary tab. ” back up your iPhone by clicking Backup now“. To verify that the backup was made ” Backups“You have information” Final savings.

itunes backup

Here, your backup is complete, you will be able to start recovery from iPhone. That’s what we stay for” Summary“. Click on ” in your iPhone information Restore your iPhone then wait. Follow the steps on the screen.

When a message tells you that your iPhone has restarted, it means that the restore is complete. When the iPhone restarts, it’s like newit is up to you to configure it.

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