Guyot, Bouriaud, N’Diaye… these players who think Puy Foot will qualify for the 1/8 finals

In such a meeting, Tom Thumb must go and use his resources to make the feat possible. The Ponots understood this well. All players leveled up to take down OGC Nice.

Our best photos of Puy Foot against Nice in the French Cup

Baptiste Guyot, boss

In Yan Marillat’s absence, the centre-back inherited the captain’s armband. He held his rank perfectly and led his people in a three-man defense. Witness his duel win over Pepe in the 38th minute and then his struggle against Thuram ten minutes from time. The 26-year-old young man did not hesitate to discover himself. His passing led to him heading forward in the 54th minute and then in the 73rd minute.

Teddy Bouriaud, in the oven and the mill

After returning from injury, Teddy Bouriaud continued to gain momentum. A trend confirmed on Saturday. The Nantes training player struggled to recover countless balls. He did more than compete by dominating the midfield in front of the likes of Mario Lemina or Ross Barkley.

Jonathan Millieras, the last impregnable fortress

He was there on every trip he made with Le Puy. The regular substitute for Marillat was terrible at Concarno, last month at the National. He was heroic on Saturday night. He was always very confident in his walks, he reassured his team. His intervention against Khéphren Thuram in the 64th minute was almost a miracle. He saved his team by pushing the ball against the post: it was a turning point in the match. Ten minutes before the final whistle, before another stoppage time with Laborde’s half-volley.

Mohamed Ben Fredj, serial scorer

Puy Foot definitely keeps the striker. With five goals in the Coupe de France and four in the National, he proved to be a great finisher. The footballer, who was loaned from Auxerre, opened the score in the 3rd minute by showing composure and realism. In a precise shot on the ground from the left, he put the ball close to Schmeichel’s post. For the rest of the game, Ben Fredge didn’t have much ammunition to put in his mouth. But he worked to offer calls and return to defense.
Mamadou N’Diaye. Mamadou N’Diaye gained momentum throughout December. He didn’t lose any momentum over the winter break. In the first act, danger often came from his left. The hero of the climb forced Antoine Mendy (18) to see all the colors. Young Aiglon experienced his first duty in the form of Nice. N’Diaye, always comfortable in the attacking sector, did not disturb the stability in the defense.

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