A fragrance that leaves a trail

An approach still not widely used in Quebec and Canada, scent marketing has nevertheless proven itself and is widely used by global brands. Christine Chamberland-BeaudoinA true forerunner of this efficiency-smelling technique created with his own company since 2014 Olfactory Marketing Elixir A “scented” DNA that enables local brands to become memories and memorable experiences.

Christine Chamberland-Beaudoin After several years of work in agencies, digital communications and events, he is dynamically and proudly at the helm of the company he decided to establish eight years ago. For the entrepreneur, creating an agency based on an olfactory approach also meant getting closer to these art forms that have always fascinated him with their ability to captivate their audience with the awakening of the senses.

“I studied music and cinema. These areas have a direct connection to smell, for example at the level of top, heart and base notes present when talking about music. And cinema tells a story, and although the smell strategy is not visible to the naked eye, it also carries a story. It’s your brand.”

The entrepreneur took a course in the world of perfumery in order to get to know his product closely and to effectively cooperate with the master perfumers who prepare the perfumes used in various projects. The world of fragrances is a true passion for the marketing expert, who believes that olfactory signature is as important to brands as digital strategy.

“Today, the Internet is not just the icing on the cake. Sunday marketing strategy. Obviously, if we’re not betting digitally, we’re missing the boat. I guess the same goes for perfume marketing. My job is to create olfactory DNA for brands, and I don’t understand why they have a logo, colors, but still little to define their own scent,” he explains. Christine Chamberland-Beaudoin.

Targeting emotions to create impact
This reluctance of brands from here to start a scent marketing basin (or should we say bottle?) is interesting when we know that this approach is widely favored by successful companies or places in big cities like Las Vegas, New York, San. Francisco, even major European cities. Only 2 or 3% of brands in Canada rely on a scent strategy.Elixir. However, the international popularity of this strategy stems from the proven fact that a project featuring “unforgettable” scents always creates a lasting emotional and affective connection with the target.

“The sense of smell is the sense that creates the most emotions and memories. In marketing, we try to work on longevity so that customers remember the brand through the fragrance, so they build loyalty over time. Thus, people endorse the brand more consistently and then refer to it. Therefore, it is extremely powerful at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to interest consumers,” the expert believes.

Endless possibilities and delights
Olfactory Marketing Elixir
there is no target customer, because all brands, industries combined, can benefit from a scent marketing strategy, believes the founder. When the project is implemented, it ensures that the brands are independent in terms of distribution, especially fragrances.

“There are no specific sectors that use fragrance marketing. The common denominator is that the companies I interact with all have a desire to innovate, outdo themselves, or do better for their customers and employees. I have a wide variety of clients. It can be residential for the elderly Cirque du Soleil or a chain of breakfast restaurants,” says the entrepreneur.

Individual fragrance packaging and costumes, signatures and olfactory pathways, by-products or air purification, not just combinations of fragrances. Elixir. According to the needs addressed to him, Christine Chamberland-Beaudoin he first ensures that he knows the client’s brands well and then imagines scent concepts with them that have their own mission and unique personality.

“The range of possibilities is phenomenal and we do projects for all budgets. What’s really interesting is that creating olfactory DNA allows for a deep connection with consumers that lasts over time. Olfactory memory, in which we remember a smell and associate it with something or at a time, lasts from one to three years in a person’s memory!

A fragrance that marks souls
The statistics listed by the expert are unequivocal: scent marketing works and even very well. Why? The answer is quite simple. Pleasant smells, smells that touch us or remind us of funny moments, intoxicating feelings or feelings of well-being, we just remember them.

“Studies show that when you smell good, your mood improves by 40%, and 8 out of 10 people talk about it to those around them after a positive experience. Finally, 78% of consumers intend to return to a brand that provides them with a sensory experience.” Christine Chamberland-Beaudoin.

Looking at these numbers, a scent marketing strategy sounds like a good deal, right?

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