5 unusual winter sports to try during your stay in Quebec

Planning to go to Quebec to stay? Discover our selection of unusual winter sports unique to the region to try!

Who doesn’t dream of experiencing winter in Quebec? As you approach the Far North, you are guaranteed to get cold! In winter, Quebec is guaranteed to be covered in snow and to observe white-painted landscapes. It is both poetic and original. It is above all an opportunity to take a nice bath in nature! Indeed, Quebec is a perfect nature destination with all its magnificent wild landscapes.

This time of year is an opportunityDiscover Quebec by playing outdoor sports ! There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy winter sports during your stay in Quebec. Here are 5 top tips to guide you on unusual activities unique to Quebec. As a couple, you will have fun on the snow or ice with your family or friends.

An ice canoe to revive a form of transport from the past

  • ? Where can this activity be practiced in Quebec? Quebec City
  • ? Of how many? 2
  • ? At what age does it start? 12 years
  • ? We love: do something you can’t do anywhere else
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You’ll feel like you’re in Quebec when you step aboard ice canoe ! An ice canoe is a thin boat that Quebecers use to cross the St. Lawrence River when there are no bridges. Five people, canoeists, can board and paddle ice blocks.

Among the five boatmen, there is the least 2 experienced professional guides. Sometimes you have to go out and pull the canoe to slide it on the ice. The hikers are wearing crampons, so don’t worry, they tie in well! These canoes are now used recreationally and you won’t mind! You’ll be able to paddle, pull, walk… And be careful not to slip! Finally, if you fall, it might be an opportunity for a good laugh…

You can only go ice canoeing in Quebec, so don’t hesitate to offer yourself this experience. A little bonus if you happen to be in Quebec during Carnival in early February… ice canoe race ! The locals take the event very seriously, and the speed and agility of the boatmen will amaze you!

Winter sea kayak for swimming in icy water

  • ? Where can this activity be practiced in Quebec? Baie Saint-Paul (north of Quebec)
  • ? Of how many? Alone or in groups
  • ? At what age does it start? 12 years
  • ? We love: swimming in the mythical Saint-Laurent or the Saguenay Fjord, in the middle of winter … Leg!
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the sea ​​skiing in winter, this is St. It is the opportunity to paddle between ice blocks on a mythical river like Lawrence. The feeling is just crazy! It feels like we are heading towards the North Pole. You will equip yourself with warm clothes, because the dampness of the river can chill your bones if you are not well covered. But with good gear, you’ll just be on top, well wrapped. That way, you’ll be in the best possible position for a very special winter sport in Quebec.

The good thing is that this type of activity adapts to all profiles. There are starters or confirmed ones different circuit lengths (8 to 25 km). Older kids can also join the adventure to introduce them to the thrills of winter navigation on the St. Lawrence.

Dog sledding: the perfect local sport

  • ? Where can this activity be practiced in Quebec? Ladysmith (North of Ottawa)
  • ? At what age does it start? 8 years
  • ? We love: spend time with exceptional dogs and learn about this unique culture
  • ❄️ See experience

Admit it, when you plan to stay in Quebec, you immediately think about leaving the dog SLED Where sled dog. It’s just a magical sight to see these cute balls of fur dragging you across the great snowy plains. It’s easy to imagine the scene: the fresh air hits your face, you look at the scenery and you think, yes, a dog is definitely man’s best friend. Then you want to hug huskies or malamutes, specially trained sled dogs.

When you are staying in Quebec, dog sledding is a local winter sport. This is an authentic experience that children can also participate in for the greatest happiness. 30-60 minutes, a half-day trip, a whole day or even an expedition for several days: there are several length options for diving into this universe. You will also learn more about the training and culture of dog sledding.

If you’re looking for more adrenaline, you can also ask to practice skiing. You will learn how to train a team and lead it along the way… Thrills are guaranteed!

A fat bike to explore the wild world

(c) AEQ / Vallée Bras-du-Nord, Philippe Jobin

  • ? Where can this activity be practiced in Quebec? Saint-Raymond (near Quebec City)
  • ? Of how many? Alone or in groups
  • ? At what age does it start? 16 years old
  • ? We love: take in the breathtaking views
  • ❄️ See experience

do you know fat bike ? These big wheeled bikes are perfect for tackling all terrains and all weather conditions. In the summer we see them in the sand of the beaches, and in the winter the fat bike is very useful. That’s fine, Quebec offers a whole network of trails for cycling.

A fat bike is an opportunity to go deep into the forests on marked trails, but also to explore some regional parks and towns in a pleasant way in winter. hopefully you will even see wild animals ! Well, we’re not going to lie to you, you have to love pedaling and have good feet to develop your machine. Then the oversized wheels do the rest!

Zip line and via ferrata to treat yourself to the icy cold

ProjectVertical_Charlevoix_ManoirRichelieu_via ferrata Winter_Sun

(c) AEQ / Vertical Project

  • ? Where can this activity be practiced in Quebec? La Malbaie, near Quebec City in the north
  • ? Of how many? Alone or in groups
  • ? At what age does it start? 7 or 8 years depending on the cycle
  • ? We love: ride a giant zip line in the heart of a giant landscape
  • ❄️ See experience

To complete our selection, we invite you to have an extraordinary experience (another one!). This time you go for one via ferrata along icy walls 2-3 hours. Of course, you are accompanied by experienced guides to ensure your safety. Thanks to the steel cable, you can climb the steep walls and watch the breathtaking frozen landscape that surrounds you.

Also, if you like that suspended feeling, you will definitely like it winter zip lines. Quebec is home to some of Canada’s longest ziplines. Young and old generally love such adventures. Best for a family outing!

Are you sure to experience massive chills in the heart of a Quebec winter? All you have to do is follow our recommendations and book the best winter sports activities during your stay in Quebec!

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