▷ Why and how to follow data analyst training?

Since the Internet and computers entered our homes, new professions have emerged. Most of them are known (videographer, blogger or even web editor…), but others less so… This is the job of a data analyst. Put it this way, nothing shows what this job is for… And yet, it’s more in demand by big companies. So let’s find out what a data analyst is, but first of all how you can follow a training course…

What is the job of a data analyst?

To summarize what a data analyst’s job is in a few words, we can say that a person whose goal is to use and interpret all the data of the company. The goal is simple: to draw comments, ideas or possible improvements for different sectors of the company. To elaborate a bit, the data analyst manages the company’s database: then several actions are his responsibility. Working together with developers, he will communicate the results of his work to different teams of the company (such as marketing or sales). In short, from now on, the data analyst is at the heart of the company’s work.

Why is training as a data analyst relevant?

Taking data analyst training as offered by Wildcodeschool.com offers you the opportunity to become the center of a company. Indeed, as we now see, data analytics become essential as soon as they are built. Therefore, the demand for this profession is increasing. The good news is that there is everything you can gain by pursuing this career:

  • Exciting career progression from Data Scientist, Business Intelligence, even to Chief Information Officer;
  • Increased salary in recent years, which can rise to 80 k€ after 5 years of experience;
  • A sought-after profession that offers the opportunity to find work quickly.

As a result, the demand for education in the data analyst profession is quite strong. The good news is that the offer is just as great, and exercising has never been easier.

How to train as a data analyst?

Therefore, it is especially interesting to start training in the profession of data analyst. However, it is important to know that there are some prerequisites and that the training is structured.


It will be quite early to introduce the prerequisites for training in the data analyst profession. In fact, there is none! You just need to be of legal age without any special diploma to follow this training. Nevertheless, some computer tool concepts, such as the use of a spreadsheet, are still recommended. Also, it is important to have some mathematical skills, which of course you need to confirm before starting the training.

Duration of the training program

Depending on the training you choose, the time spent learning the trade can vary. Despite this, it is possible to complete the data training in only 5 months ! Of course, it’s intensive training, but when you consider that it’s a high-demand job… You might as well invest as much as possible. The training program is quite complete: you will learn to master tools like Power BI, Tableau Software or even learn some basics in SQL and Python.

Educational and professional opportunities

Ultimately, what interests you the most in conducting a training course is knowing the possibilities. As we understand, many companies offer data analyst positions. Moreover, it is not unusual to even have a job offer at the end of the training. Finally, if you want to further your education later, studying as a data analyst allows you to move on to other training courses such as data scientist or data engineer.

Whatever it is, now you have all the keys to discover this profession and prepare for it thanks to special training. By the way, good news to end this post, know There are many grants available to finance data analyst training. It is also possible to benefit from a Training Account, with your employer or Pôle Emploi funding part of it. Thanks to the latter, you can have a large amount to invest in training… Don’t hesitate to look!

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