VIDEO. Orne: prefect and president of the green development department, with “choice and commitment” in 2023

Prefect Sébastien Jallet and department president Christophe de Balor presented their wishes on Monday, January 9. ©L’Orne Hebdo

In front of a large audience of selected officials from the Department and representatives of the economic and associational world Sebastien Jallet, Prefect of the Orne, and Christophe de Balor, President of the Orne Departmental Council, presented their wishes in turn on January 9 at the Hôtel du Departement in Alençon.

“Crack is a scourge to eradicate”

For this “beautiful, dynamic and sustainable department”, the prefect of Orne recalled that “the State works hand in hand with the main partners on a daily basis to make it a lively and dynamic area”.

He formed Three wishes for Orne in 2023 regarding security, sustainable development, unity and solidarity.

In the matter of security, he mentioned the “special attention” of the state and law enforcement forces, “due to the emergence of a real problem that has been brewing in Alençon for two years, it should be eliminated as soon as possible. possible”.

For this, Sébastien Jallet announced the arrival of reinforcements to the Police and Gendarmerie forces.

Over the past year, 16 additional police officers have arrived to reinforce the police stations of Alençon (+ 8), Argentan (+ 6) and Flers (+ 2). Gendarmerie forces will also be strengthened with plans to create 200 new field brigades.

Sebastien Jallet, prefect of the Orne.

To this day in Orne, There are 230 people in the police and 440 in the Gendarmerie. In addition to the mobilization of this police force, there is a “commitment of 130 professional firefighters and 1,450 Sdis volunteers”.

Wishing safety for Ornais added the prefect “combating violence against women, remains the great national work of the five-year period”.

A large audience attends to the wishes of the prefect and the president of the Orne Department.
A large audience attends to the wishes of the prefect and the president of the Orne Department. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Opening difficulties

the development of renewable energy According to the prefect of Orne, “it is not just a choice: it is the obligation of France to fulfill its climate commitments, to ensure the energy independence of the country and to ensure reasonable energy prices for our citizens as the demand for electricity increases. It is called the electrification of uses”.

Sébastien Jallet announced that “important discussions will be held in 2023 to respond to the service and departmental opening issues of the infrastructure/mobility component of the 2023-2027 State-Regional Plan Agreement.” He specifically mentioned the continuation of the restoration of the Paris-Granville line or the upgrading of its two main sections to two tracks. RN 12“this The umbilical cord between Orne and Île-de-France“.

A green fund of two billion euros at the national level

State support for local authorities has clearly not eluded his wishes.

In 2022, it has mobilized 13 million euros through DETR (equipment grant for rural areas) and about 5 million euros through DSIL (local investment support grant). Some will say it’s too much and some will say it’s not enough. Let me just say that this is almost two and a half times more than in 2012, these funds went from 7.5 million euros to DETR in 2012 to 18 million euros to DETR and DSIL in 2022.

Sebastien Jallet, prefect of the Orne.

This State financial obligation will “stay together” with the communities At a very high level in 2023, and it will even be significant boosted by the green fund created by the financial law. In this green fund, 2 billion euros have been allocated at the national level for local authorities to finance the environmental transition in the areas.

A stable and strong economy

The prefect hailed Orne’s economy as “sustainable and strong”. turnover of companies “increased by 12.2% in one year”especially in the industry that “constitutes its backbone” and “a very good investment speed (+20%)”.

According to the provincial representative in Orne, the increase is due to the “dynamism of the companies” but also to the “effect of the recovery plan, which represents a public investment of 123 million euros in the department”.

On January 9, the Ecouves room at the Hôtel du Departement was packed for the joint vows of Christophe de Balorre and Sebastien Jallet.
On January 9, the Ecouves room at the Hôtel du Departement was packed for the joint vows of Christophe de Balorre and Sebastien Jallet. ©L’Orne Hebdo

The highest level of poverty in Normandy

However, “if the economic situation in the department has been generally good so far,” Orne faces “this problem.” significant level of poverty” : 15.1% households, “it The highest in the Normandy region ».

In 2023, the prefect therefore assured that “the State and its partners will remain with the most deprivations”.

Sébastien Jallet added that supporting fragile or precarious people “is about ensuring their basic right to have a roof over their heads”. “We have to be special this winter vigilance against homelessness. In addition to the places intended for the reception of Ukrainians (not taken from general legal systems), there are 95 emergency accommodation places in Orne.

Here they are in 2022 6368 calls were answered by 115 19,200 per night in the proposed accommodation structures. “In 2022, 72 people who were homeless or housed were able to obtain permanent housing.”

“90 km/h is not the cause of accidents”

Before the prefect, Christophe de Balor also sent his wishes. Not surprisingly, he noted currently its battle: 90km/h limit on Ornes roads. “The number of victims has decreased by about 30% on average over the last ten years. 2022 is the best year, unfortunately we still have 19 road deaths on our roads and that is still too high. The reasons are manifold: alcohol, drugs, medication, inappropriate behavior or just death.

So don’t come and tell me that 90 km/h is the cause of accidents. This provision was unanimously adopted by the Departmental Council, and I intend to perpetuate it.

Christophe de Balor, President of the Orne department.
Christophe de Balorre bets
Christophe de Balorre bets on “Green Growth”. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Energy transition map

In 2023, the Department’s president announced that he “wants to play the energy and climate transition card to the end.” Fossil fuels are more or less doomed in the long run. Therefore, we have to turn to other sources. We are working on this by funding and prioritizing new energy sources such as wood energy recovery by promoting the electric car in car sharing.”

The theme, he concluded: “As Delphine Batho suggested, we want to get out of growth that means less wealth for our country. I’ve chosen my camp: grounded growth, which some call “Green Growth” and which reconciles sobriety and growth. This is the purpose of our activity within the framework of the Climate Plan that we are implementing. »

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