“The Euro 7 standard is potentially counterproductive”

Renault Group Managing Director Luca de Meo is not Carlos Tavares. His positions are generally less clear, and his group is engaged in a deep restructuring that will allow it to separate its concerns, especially the activities related to heat engines (in partnership with the Chinese Geely group) from the activities related to electric motors. passage, in no way comparable to Stellantis.

The Italian gave an interesting interview to our colleagues at Automotive News Europe, the tenor of which we can’t resist giving you a few choice pieces that shed light on the future direction of the group.

A group dealing with the new Euro 7 standard like its rivals” potentially counterproductive in its current form By Meo said in preparation for the transition to zero-emission mobility.

That’s why in December he took the helm of ACEA, the European car manufacturers’ lobby, describing the organization that a certain Carlos Tavares left in July as “not good”!

Regarding the management of the reconstituted group:

There are many functions where it doesn’t make sense to compartmentalize the business, such as finance, human resources, industrial planning, so we have a lot of people who will stay in the Renault group. Individual companies will have their own income statements, their own management and will feel the pressure of the market […] The group will also set a common direction, and by definition there will be differences of opinion between divisions. There will be times when you say “ok guys, I understand your arguments, but I need cortar el bacalao” (cut the walrus or decide), as the Spanish say. Then you have to avoid duplication and obviously the group has to have relationships with a number of key partners, including the Alliance with Nissan.»

On the importance of data in management:

The key was data standardization. In every large company, information about the same fact can be presented in different ways, so the way sales and marketing see price is different than how finance or billing, for example, sees it. So when you add the same information and anyone can access it, it’s a game changer. The idea is to run businesses through data, not through committees or boards. »

On how Ampere, the group’s electric arm, will distribute:

Our idea is not to disconnect Ampere downstream. Europe is all electric, so there is no reason to have different national sales companies. There may be people who will focus on Ampere in the startup phase because we may want to have slightly different engineering of the customer experience, including charging and maintenance. But I’m not going to draw a wall between Ampere and non-electric models, because it doesn’t make sense. However, we have signed an agreement with almost all of our dealers that provides for a lower base margin for electric vehicles. »

On Alpine, which Luca de Meo aims to reach 8 billion in turnover by 2030:

We will have five or six car ranges between the special Alpine models and the Renault derivatives. Potentially, they could be sold anywhere, including China and the US. […] The expansion of the Alpine brand is a 20-year journey. It takes two or three generations of models, so it’s a big investment. But Alpine’s use of an electric and lightweight development model makes it unique. It is closer to models like Polestar because it exploits many assets but still has unique technological bricks. […] Looking at the C+ segment crossover that we’re building, we’re using the CMF-EV platform, but it’s been modified significantly because we’ve changed the rear axle, we’ve got active torque vectoring, we’re using premium chemistry for the battery and we’re using it. more complex electric motor.»

About the production of electric cars in France:

We design our pure electric vehicle plants to be extremely efficient, starting with the product. For example, we started with an average of 2,600 parts per car in our plants; we are now between 1500 and 1600 so we are down over 40%. With EV we want to get less than 1000 coins. »

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