Supporting the growth of independent managers

“These players, whether they are family offices, independent advisers or small or large management companies, represent more than 10% of the assets of the Grand Duchy’s wealth management activity,” commented Guillaume Labbe, Head of Financial Instruments at SGPB. This is a rapidly changing segment and an important vector for growth. Our desire is to support these players by providing both an experience tailored to their specific needs and a suite of product and technology solutions that enable them to create greater value for their customers. »


These independent managers can rely on SGPB primarily to protect their clients’ assets and provide access to financial markets to realize their investments. In addition, they are called upon to satisfy the diverse expectations of affluent customers.

“At the heart of any wealth management activity are people, the relationship of trust that exists between financial professionals and their clients. Guillaume Labbe continues that our partners are sometimes faced with requests for financial solutions, even for the structuring and management of heritage funds or private investments.

Thus, bankers work in close cooperation with independent managers. To support them, SGPB has a team of 30 experienced private banking professionals in the Grand Duchy, whose role is to share market analyzes or regulatory developments and actively mobilize all the necessary expertise and solutions for the realization of the end client’s projects.

“Each independent manager can gain additional expertise in their service offering,” the manager continues. We offer two dedicated credit structures for financing and access to our other agencies for bookings in Switzerland, France, UK and Monaco. We are going further by working on an open architecture, for example by listing structured products with dozens of leading issuers in addition to Societe Generale, or even by providing access to an expanded offering in terms of Private Equity – an offering we recently introduced. »

The aim is thus to enrich their thinking and benefit from the experience and scale of a private bank like SGPB, which manages around 150 billion euros in assets.


In addition to human expertise, SGPB develops technological solutions to improve the efficiency of all parties involved. Thus, SGPB introduced new channels that automate the placement of orders and sending them directly to the trading room (FIX, API, Bloomberg EMSX).

Walid Amrane, SGPB’s Deputy Head of Financial Instruments, explains: “One of the challenges is to simplify processes for executing stock market orders, for example, by automating exchanges between the client, the manager and the bank. Reducing manual interventions through solutions such as the FIX protocol or API reduces operational risk as well as processing time and costs, benefiting all parties. »

“In the coming months, we will continue to improve our interface in a co-creative process with our partners to make it a central and efficient tool at the service of managers and their customers,” adds Walid Amrane. new integrated services: starting transactions, monitoring the level of loan collateral in real time, accessing Societe Generale research or building and optimizing structured products, etc.


With a desire to meet the needs of independent managers and their clients, SGPB is part of an innovation dynamic that combines people and expertise at the center of personalized service with technologies that improve the experience of clients and partners.

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