Speed ​​skating is separated from the Ice Sports Federation for figure skating

It’s another topic that has been stirring for some time, with Mathieu Belloir finishing 10th in the all-around and Timothy Loubineau finishing 12th in Sunday’s European Speed ​​Skating Championships in Hamar, Norway. Subjects in France. As confirmed in the official journal of December 28, the Ministry of Sport and Olympic and Paralympic Games has decided to entrust the delegation to the French Federation of Roller Skating and Skateboarding (FFRS) and not to Ice Sports (FFSG). . Power transmission is rarely emphasized.

This is not a new topic, we concluded the discussions that started a few years ago at the end of December.s, we say to the ministry. A 2014 inspector general’s report recommended a review of core track delegation. Based on the analysis of the National Sports Agency and after consultation with the CNOSF, we wanted to make things right. Avenue de France, we confirm that this is in no way a sign of sanction or disobedience to the new president of the FFSG, Gwenaëlle Noury, but rather an athletics of opportunity.

After American Chad Hedrick, who retired on the ice in 2002, won his first world title there in 2004 and Olympic gold in 2006, this phenomenon continued to grow stronger. In France, too, Cédric Michaud, Pascal Briand and Tristan Loy opened the door for Alexis Contin, who was 18 when he won the first of his ten world skating titles, and was another ten when he became the first Frenchman since André Kouprianoff in 2015. Climbing the world podium in skating in 1960.

Alexis Contin in 2015. (ANP Sport/Presse Sports)

There are no rings in France

In France, it was individual steps. People crazy enough to go on an adventuretoday observes Contin working at the Berlin speedway. But to succeed in these conditions, to aim for Olympic medals, you need real luck. I’m very close (4th at the 2010 Vancouver Games), but not constant. But when we analyze this wave of athletes who have been skating since the early 2000s, we understand that it has become a real school for performing well on the ice.. The American Erin Jackson (30) is a shining example, who did the transition program in 2017 and now stands out in both types: last February she became the world champion in ice (500 m), and in October she won gold in her event. rollerblades.

More than a third of the big track medalists at the Beijing Games started their careers in rollerblading. However, France is one of the main speed skating nations, the FFRS knows how to train and guide its athletes to the top. “We can adapt rollerblading sports equipment for the training of a skating athleteFFRS President Boris Darlet believes. We thought a lot, but after the FFSG elections, we applied for a delegation to the ministry. Ice sports, which won 42 medals at the Olympic Games, are heard more because this discipline has never really invested.

“We want medals in 2026”

Boris Darlet, President of the RSMC

In 2014, it was a psychodrama connected even around the Sochi ring, between FFSG Alexis Conti’s coach Alain Nègre and the unregistered Ewen Fernandez refusing to be appointed by Xavier Sendra in the DTN. time. “After that, the relations between the two federations became normal. “, promises the technical manager of the roller federation Alain Nègre, who is responsible for the performance of the French teams, and leaves in time to slide to the ice and take care of the great track athletes like Timothy Loubineaud.

We want medals in 2026. But our team has just arrived, we will set our stages one after the other.Boris Darlet suggests. We have contacted ring operators in Germany or the Netherlands. “Because in France there is no ring, which is one of the most expensive sports equipment. In times of energy crisis, it makes no sense to think of building one to develop discipline, and questions about sustainable development and other states prove that we can move forward without such a tool, the image of Spain, Colombia, Argentina who rely on their skating experts. begin to exist on the ice.

Timothy Loubineau.  (S. Chamid/Sports Press)

Timothy Loubineau. (S. Chamid/Sports Press)

We are preparing to create the French championship on the long trackBoris reminds Darlet. This will open the perspective for all roller skaters. We can better identify athletes who show the physical and technical potential to excel on the big track. “Alain Negre continues:” It would be interesting to organize experiences for our skaters to teach the technique, to give them a taste of the ice so that they consider investing in a dual project, perhaps the ice, an objective priority. ” Alexis Contin thinks the transfer could be more natural this way: ” France is lucky to have a skating school. We know how to train high performance rollerblading athletes. If the RSMC took a collective approach and used this power, this capital, I don’t see why it wouldn’t have a medal in the future.. »

Many details need to be clarified. The French Ice Sports Federation, which does not want to talk, thus invests in the capital mission of registering athletes for speed skating competitions, because the FFRS is not affiliated with the ISU, the International Ice Federation. ” The issue of registration is provided by the sports code by article L131-22. We have asked the two federations to consult with each other and we will ensure that there is good coordination especially for the registration of competitions.s, defines the ministry. We have the commitment and trust of FFSG and its president. »

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