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In parallel with the release of Galaxy S23 smartphones, Samsung is also working on a new series of touchscreen tablets: the Galaxy Tab S8. With this next-generation digital slate, the South Korean giant intends to make an impression.

Galaxy Tab S8 FE Credit Sam Mobile

As a follow-up to the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, there will likely be a Fan Edition model Galaxy Tab S8 falls into the lottery. This secret device, codenamed “Birdie”, has already been decrypted by several experts in the field. So, get a preview of the performance and features that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE promises!

What features are expected in this Galaxy Tab?

A true pioneer Android touch tablets, Samsung is used to offering models that experience real changes compared to the previous ones. As the newest addition to the popular Galaxy Tab line Galaxy Tab S8 FE have many challenges to meet expectations.

For this, Samsung offers this variant of the Tab S8 series with very special features that future owners can benefit from.

External design and display

Just like its predecessor Tab S7 FEThe Galaxy Tab S8 FE may be offered with a display LCD. This screen technology, common in Samsung’s entry-level and mid-range models, is nevertheless effective.

LCD panel option instead of A AMOLED panel no doubt motivated by a desire to make the device more accessible. Of course, this fits well with the “fan edition” aspect of this Galaxy Tab S8 model.

In fact, according to some sources, we should expect that a update rate more efficient than before in this S8 FE. At best, Samsung might surprise you by pushing the update up to 120Hz in this model.

A screen that is diagonal in terms of dimensions 12.6 inches, the screen-to-body ratio is expected to be 87.4%. It probably works with resolution 1600×2560 pixels For 16:10 screen ratio.

The latest generation Galaxy Tabs are very famous for their pen experience, which is considered very satisfactory. For this reason, Samsung makes up for the shortcomings of the LCD panel by integrating a Wacom digitizer. For an enhanced experience, the displayed image quality can be supported by Vision Dolby or HDR10+ technology.

Galaxy Tab S8 FE credit notebook check
Galaxy Tab S8 FE credit notebook check

In terms of design Galaxy Tab S8 FE risks of being available in gray with enough main body. The Tab S8’s weight estimates are around 565 grams, which is pretty reasonable for a tablet of this size.

Operating system

Since the release of the stable version of Android 13 last November, the operating system has been available on various Samsung devices. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is the most likely OS for devices scheduled to be released after this period.

Given the expected release date for the Tab S8 FE, Android 13 is the most logical operating system to adopt. New version One UI 5 will potentially be available on the tablet.

With this new version of the OS, Tab S8 FE users will be able to enjoy unique features. These include customizing the provided icon colors Material You Android 12. With this version of the OS, the Tab S8 FE user has more control over resource management.


In this Galaxy Tab model, Samsung ignores the Snapdragon and Exynos chips to appeal MediaTek. Therefore, the Galaxy Tab S8 FE is likely equipped with a processor Companio 900T it’s a pretty bold choice.

Contrary to appearances, Kompanio’s range of processors are generally designed for PCs and Chromebooks to run software. through this is a brave choiceThe South Korean firm is preparing to provide a richer experience to S8 FE users.

This powerful chip is a MediaTek MT8791V processor it has two Cortex-A78 and six A55 cores. It also incorporates a CPU Mali-G68 it promises excellent device performance along with Android 13.

Connection options

Like any last-generation tablet, it’s almost certain that the Galaxy Tab S8 FE will come with 5G. You don’t have to wait for a standard for Bluetooth anymore Bluetooth 5.2 for better communication.

Wi-Fi connection is provided by standard 6.0 for a smoother connection. A wired connection is provided using a USB data cable type-C 3.1. Of course, GPS and geolocation are integrated.

Proximity, acceleration and fingerprint sensors are included for easier use. The audio output is surrounded by 4 speakers, the result of Samsung’s collaboration JBL.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE remains quite modest with the photo module available. Apparently, one is a dual-camera module 13MP and one 5MP, integrated into the rear. Although this allows for capturing memories, it is far from revolutionary in terms of touchpads.

The main photo module is accompanied by an LED flash, as well as a HDR sensor for better quality shots. capable of video recording 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second.

Galaxy Tab S8 FE YouTube Credit
Galaxy Tab S8 FE YouTube Credit

On the front, Samsung offers a front-facing camera 13MP enough to take a fairly clear selfie. Video performance on the front is the same as on the back.

Battery life

For more hours of use, the Galaxy Tab S8 FE is equipped with an 11,200 Li-Po battery. mAh. Compared to the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s 10,090 mAH, this is a real evolution.

The fast charging ampere is allowed with a charger that has never been the subject of any speculation.


The Galaxy Tab S8 FE CPU may come with a RAM memory is quite low 4 GB only. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that versions with more RAM will be released later.

Memory must do memory Between 128 and 256 GB to allow the retention of a maximum information. Not running out of space for personal or professional use is more than enough. However, the memory can be expanded with the integrated SD memory card slot.

Release date and price

So far, Samsung has not yet announced the release date of the S8 tablets, which includes the Galaxy Tab S8 FE. But given the release date of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, almost 2 years ago, we’re expecting a launch by now. January 2023.

This date is even more plausible because it will coincide with the planned release of the Galaxy S23 smartphones. That’s why Samsung is interested in launching all these new products on the same day. To own the Galaxy Tab S 8 FE, you need to plan a budget around it 750 euros at the start.

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