Public-private mobilization to attract youth to sports

The Ministry of Sports has just entrusted the creation of the “Sports and Youth” working group to the innovation agency for the Paris area and metropolis Paris&co. The goal: to identify barriers to college-age internships and overcome them with new solutions.

From 2020, after the arrests, then again in February 2022they will catch It warned: 66% of young French do less than an hour of physical activity a day, the minimum recommended to prevent obesity, sleep and eating disorders or mental disorders at their age.

Young people, like other audiences, are targeted by the policy of developing sports experiences, but they often encounter behaviors typical of the 10-15 age group.

First partner: Greater Paris

“We support institutions such as large companies in matters of innovation, explains Constant Kapron, responsible for partnerships at Paris&co, and that is why we are collaborating with the Ministry of Sports, the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Since 2017.”

One of Paris&co’s twelve innovation platforms, Le Tremplin, is dedicated to sports. It is within this framework that a working group is being created: “Greater Paris Metropolis joins the project as a partner,” he said. However, the round table is yet to be finalized. The agency hopes to see a wide range of sports players, from companies to federations, including researchers and communities. “There are two possible levels of participation, he notes: partnership, but also simple participation in workshops. »

Indeed, in the first phase, which will last until March, it is planned to hold two days of “ideas and collective intelligence” in four directions: sports in schools, public spaces, private structures and clubs. Decathlon and the French Football Federation have already announced that their representatives will be there.

Paris&co also founded the National Observatory of Physical Activity and Sedentary (Onaps) andInject, and proposes to combine the National Sports-Innovation Resource Center. L’YEARS – which has just accelerated the implementation of the sports plan Impulsion, dedicated to the development of sports experiences – assures the head of partnerships at Paris&co “only information” for now. As forAndes, “We have warned him, he adds, and he can also be a source of suggestions. »

Finally, the goal is to integrate the teenagers themselves into this working group. For this, Paris&co could go through National Education, but elected officials responsible for sports in several cities also contacted the agency to ensure their cooperation.

Call for projects in spring

These workshops should make it possible to draw up specifications for the call for projects to be launched in April or May. “The idea is to unite sports players around new solutions,” comments Constant Capron. It can be technical or process innovations, new professions…”

For example, new ideas may emerge in terms of active design. In this second phase of work, the projects will be tested.

Delivery and Specifications

The main issue is the development of an information book for political and economic decision makers. It will formalize the methodology and principles and present use cases. In June, an official restitution will probably take place on the occasion of an important European event in terms of innovation.

The aim is to implement the tested projects from the beginning of the academic year in September 2023. “Since the Greater Paris Metropolis is a partner, it is possible that the experiments will take place mainly in its territory,” the head of the partnership suggests. In Paris&co.. But the rest of France should also benefit from this innovation process, he promises: “The Ministry has a national ambition. »

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