Four young men from Beauvais attack a foreign dealer in the neighborhood

Selling drugs in Beauvais is out of the question unless you come from Beauvais, according to special codes for dealers. Illustrative photo.

On January 5, around 8 o’clock in the evening, a person asked the police for help. He witnesses a rape committed by four young men and is victimized by his friend aboard the Alpha Romeo.

Only one of the attackers does not wear a shirt, he is the first to arrive and takes his place with his friend. Three other men then arrived in a white Renault Clio and ran over her boyfriend. Despite the rapid intervention of the police, the attackers manage to escape and only at midnight the BAC patrol finds the White Clio and checks the four passengers who are in police custody awaiting the next sentence, which will appear immediately on January 9. .

Snapchat has a promotional ad left

20-year-old Assane Dembele, 19-year-old Ouassim Hajoui and the owner of the car, 18-year-old Matteo Villain, were placed in a pre-trial detention center, although they are not known to the judicial authorities. Only 18-year-old Alpha Mboh, who is under judicial supervision, is on the run.

The victim of the attack says in her complaint that she was selling drugs and was waiting for a customer to bite the promotional ad she posted on Snapchat that evening. This is how Ouassim Hajoui came to ask him for 10 grams of cannabis. The suspected dealer then asked him to come back, to no avail.

Ouassim Hajoui left because of this, but he invited his friends to join him in a message found by the police “take the dealer’s nuggets“. Two hours later, the customer returns and suddenly a white Clio crosses the road and three hooded men throw themselves at the salesman and ask him.where is the drugHis car is being searched. He is sprayed with tear gas. Under threat, he gives the code of his phone, which the attackers took, and the seller’s bag, which contains a thousand euros. They leave by instructing him:you will no longer sell in Beauvais!»

He accompanied his friends to buy a phone

Ouassim Hajoui gives his version: “I made an appointment to pick up the phone and Matteo Villain accompanied me in the car with two of my friends. We were together. I didn’t see what was in the bag, I was blinded by the tear gas. “My friends intervened when I screamed when I got the gas.”

Mattéo Villain is struggling to explain the mystery of cannabis in the back door of the car he has owned for two months, as well as the 0.7 grams of heroin found near the center console. Moreover, he did not see anything because he was driving.

Assane Dembélé makes a similar performance: he accompanied his friends to buy a phone. She took her bag without knowing what was in it, and they didn’t talk about it for the next four hours. Same speech from Alpha Mboh: “We intervened when we saw the attack“. He explains that he has a balaclava because he went karting two days ago and did not notice the empty tear gas canister on his leg.

The deputy prosecutor does not interrupt: “It is a hearing that makes a mockery of the judiciary. Beauvais is not a jungle where it is forbidden to sell sheets in front of Mcdo in the Mandela center. We are witnessing a pitched war in which we are proud of what we have done, but no one is fooled by their script.

Lawyers plead with their clients’ youth

The terms are: two years, including six months of probation with an obligation to perform 210 hours of community service, and 18 months in prison, including six months of probation with an obligation to perform 210 hours of community service, for Ouassim Hajoui. the other three, with a deposit mandate for all.

Defense attorneys pleaded with their client’s youth and lack of criminal history to avoid long prison terms.

Four friends were found guilty. Each of them received a suspended prison sentence of one year. Mattéo Villain’s Clio was impounded and the money in the bag was returned to the owner, who was subject to an appearance for a preliminary plea for drug use.

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