Are the special discounts over? Attic player speaks

news culture Are the special discounts over? Attic player speaks

Between his main channel, Joueur du Grenier, and his secondary channel, Bazar du Grenier, the Youtuber multiplies formats, especially since he has dominated the Twitch platform for several years. However, it’s not always easy to take on the role of content creator when tackling specific topics on the Google platform for a variety of reasons. After noting the difficulties of creating videos, Frédéric Molas, whose real name is generally, was responsible for mentioning the other flagship formats of his channel: special editions.


  • New formats, challenges… Joueur du Grenier admits on Youtube
  • JDG’s “custom” formats on YouTube are in big trouble

New formats, challenges… Joueur du Grenier admits on Youtube

like all” youtube game French Le Joueur du Grenier kicks off a new year we imagine full of film shoots and video concepts. Technically and as advertised, there should be something new on both YouTube channels and Twitch. After all, if the ideas are there, you have to deal with the harsh reality of being a content creator on video platforms. and sometimes make tough choices to keep your channel alive or raise funds to properly provide it with new formats.

Already concerned about the current climate on entertainment platforms, he recently added a layer to this when discussing the possibilities of tools like ChatGPT: artificial intelligence, which he wonders if the profession of content creation, and more broadly computer…helpful professions, are not under threat. Topics Joueur du Grenier is currently stirring up a bunch: he has a lot of upcoming videos and it’s definitely a topic that’s catching the attention of his subscribers. During the traditional end-of-the-year “frequently asked questions” video, Fred, accompanied by Seb, talked about one of his formats: special edition videos.

JDG’s “custom” formats on YouTube are in big trouble

Will Joueur du Grenier’s blue patterned shirt stay in the closet? ? On the occasion of the “FAQ Christmas 2022” video, Joueur du Grenier together with Sébastien Rassiat addressed the sensitive topic of special videos that can be watched on the videographer’s main channel. Most recently, dedicated Dungeons and Dragons, was released almost two months ago and is a hit like his seniors. Madness happens every time, though these may become fewer and fewer in the future, and as often happens, the perennial topic of money comes up again, and for a reason: copyright.

As JDG explains in his FAQ video, “ Anything outside of the series is getting harder and harder on YouTube due to copyrights that we can’t afford “, and this is not the only difficulty. For these kinds of videos, you need to know how to get in touch with the right people, namely the rights holders, and be able to meet their sky-high financial demands.. An approach he summarizes: We should have contacted the American rights holders, they would have told us, “OK, no problem, you give us 4 million” and that would not be possible for us. “.

worse, This type of video is more complicated to produce due to the claims made in some videos due to copyright issues.. The topic of copyright is growing and facing it. a kind of legal uncertainty “As the two friends explained in the video. The concern, according to Seb, “ that we have to take steps, we have to fight for the restoration of rights “, a complicated task, because they would not be ” neither time nor resources “. As JDG points out, if the law allows them to do what they’re doing, it’s the fact that they have to provide proof of that right. would be impossible “.

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