After the FFF, this other body of French sport is in disarray – Liberation

Rugby, the Olympic and Sports Committee, ice sports… A few months before the two big events, other federations also find their management in turmoil.

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has a job. The Minister of Sports must deal with the failures of Le Graet and with it the FFF. But not only: in recent months, several bodies of French sports have been going through zones of more or less intense turbulence. The dysfunctions are all the more concerning as they relate to structures related to two major sporting events soon to be held in France: the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympics.

FFR plays tangled

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) currently offers stiff competition to the football federation when it comes to extra-sport. In his letter addressed to the “AOC” on the eve of Christmas, the head of the FFR, Bernard Laporte, undertook to surrender. “all its advantages” A representative to the president – amateur rugby vice-president Patrick Buisson – proposed it to the federal office on January 6 before putting it to a vote of the clubs. “not later than the third week of January”.

This management change should temporarily seal the soap opera of the Laporte-Altrad affair. On December 13, the first-mentioned person was sentenced to two years of conditional imprisonment at the first instance. “corruption pact” with businessman and Montpellier club president Mohed Altrad. His punishment was followed by an immediate non-enforceable coaching ban, with joint pressure from the AOC, the National Rugby League (LNR) and the FFR’s ethics committee demanding it be withdrawn pending appeal. 2023 world championship.

The French Olympic Committee is struggling

Another crisis, perhaps the most symbolic: that of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), an institution that is supposed to ensure the proper functioning of the French sports movement more than a year and a half before Paris 2024. But for several months, nothing is good on board doesn’t go Its pilot, Brigitte Henriques, was as weak as she was tired after a stormy episode at the start of the school year in September. After months of fractious relations, the president-elect in June 2021 decided to part ways with his right-hand man, Didier Seminet, before filing a complaint against him. “psychological violence”. Then he was replaced by the leading quartet in a hurry to take a break for two months. Without angering the leaders of other federations: the anti-Henriques front crystallized around his predecessor, Denis Masseglia. The institution had never faced such a situation since its inception.

The former vice-president of the FFF returned to work in early December. Meanwhile, Didier Seminet responded by filing another complaint against Henriques on November 7. “slander” and “breach of trust”claims to live “The lynching of the real media.” At least Brigitte Henriques had time to recover all the amounts wrongly paid by CNOSF – 4,184 euros.“mistakes” in internal auditing. They swing between taxi notes (Mediapart revealed several cases of travel by Henriques’ daughter), double invoicing and expenses for which supporting documents were missing.

Ice skating federation

The French Ice Sports Federation (FFSG), which has less media exposure, also carries its share of the pan. Its new president, Gwenaëlle Noury, recently distinguished herself with an intrigue close to Henriques: the dismissal of its secretary general, Patrice Martin. The latter described the upper echelons of the federation in terms “cronyism”, “among ourselves”, “methods of another time” and “personal interest”. FFSG lives for him “autarky”, it works “Without worrying about the rules for the proper functioning of the Union.” He wakes up “secret decisions” Talk about it “emails and data disappearing”. First of all, it refers to the fact “many people” For twenty years, the former sovereign of the discipline, they are in contact with Didier Gailhaguet, who will still pull the strings of the federation.

His stranglehold ended in February 2020 when he resigned after a long battle with then-Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu over revelations by figure skater Sarah Abitbol. In a book, the latter revealed the abuse committed against him by his coach Gilles Beyer between the ages of 15 and 17, whom Gailhaguet was accused of defending. Sara Abitbol said to herself recently on Europe 1’s microphone “I’m very worried” by this new federal office. “There was lobbying and unfortunately [Gailhaguet] returned from the window. The inspection decided by the sports minister at the beginning of October should make it possible to clarify everything, both management and financial and accounting aspects.

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