MENAPS shows strong growth

Founded in Toulouse in 2019, MENAPS was created to meet the needs of manufacturers in the aeronautics sector who want to digitize their processes thanks to new technologies. The company now supports the digital transformation of more than 20 companies from all sectors and all sizes in France and abroad. Despite the health crisis it faced at the start-up stage, MENAPS managed to quickly establish itself in the very competitive sector of companies in the digital sector: as evidence, the young innovative company supports many large accounts, recording a +350% increase in turnover. Compared to 2020 and now has more than 200 employees spread over 3 continents. Committed to strong growth dynamics, MENAPS has just launched its startup studio, is opening a new subsidiary in Portugal and plans to hire 20 employees in the first quarter of 2023.

Strong international development to offer the best technology

Established shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic, MENAPS had to demonstrate flexibility, agility and creativity from the outset to face the adverse economic situation.

With a strong background in aeronautics from its origins and accompanying leading international players such as Airbus, the company naturally established itself in Toulouse. From 2020, MENAPS expands its field of expertise to the automotive sector and opens an office in Paris to get closer to its new clients, including Renault and Stellantis. This was followed by the opening of two subsidiaries in Tunis (Tunisia) and Morocco (Casablanca), industrially developing countries with a lot of talent in new technologies. In 2021, MENAPS continues to diversify to apply its expertise to the banking and insurance sectors. In order to continue to surround itself with advanced profiles in 2022, the company is carrying out an overseas development operation in India and establishing a subsidiary in Bangalore, the world’s 4th high-tech metropolis, with very high growth potential. In Europe, MENAPS will open a new branch in the first quarter of 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal, the country that hosts the Web Summit, a major technology crowd.

Able to provide global best practices, MENAPS is thus able to offer its clients innovative solutions and implement cutting-edge projects based on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and Big Data. Thus, MENAPS specialists were the first to propose a predictive approach in aeronautical engineering to estimate the technical and industrial effects of changes in aircraft components to control the development cycle.

Innovation projects with determination for planet and society

For MENAPS, innovation should be an engine of growth accessible to all companies, including the smallest. The company has just launched a startup studio called Imagine, born from an internal entrepreneurship project. Purpose: to support entrepreneurs whose projects have a digital or technological component and bring useful innovation.

“High value-added advice should not be available only to large groups. We want to democratize access to innovation as a driver of growth by offering inclusive support, i.e. accessible to smaller structures,” says Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Majd Benabdallah.

“Out of 1 million startups in France, the failure rate is estimated at 80% to 90%, including 10% in the first year. A quarter of these failures are due to deficiencies in the management of project managers. We have launched our start-up studio to increase the chances of success of young shoots presenting projects with a commitment to the planet and society. As a young innovative company, we share our experience with them, put them in contact with large contractors, and put our business experience at their service. We even go so far as to invest in their projects,” continues Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hamdi Chaker.

The first projects have already been created and are succeeding. Among them, MENAPS supports a project aimed at creating autonomous drones that can detect forest fires and even Selfcity, a young Toulouse startup that is changing the standards of plumbing services for a more ecological city.

A new generation company is looking for new talents

The innovation potential of MENAPS is also very strong in the Human Resources component. MENAPS is a new generation company, especially adapted to the needs of the times, which, despite its rapid growth, remains a human-scale organization, very much connected to the vitality and ingenuity of the original start-up spirit. Built on a new business model with a horizontal, agile and flexible organization, MENAPS promotes Flexicadre (a balance between face-to-face, remote work and employee autonomy) and intrapreneurship.

Having hired 30 staff in 2022 to support its growth, MENAPS is embarking on a new recruitment drive to include 20 new talent on permanent contracts from 2023, including cyber security experts and data scientists.


Founded in 2019, MENAPS is a next-generation company reinventing digital transformation consulting to make innovation the engine of growth for all companies. Constantly growing, MENAPS currently has around 200 employees worldwide, including more than fifty in France. In June 2022, MENAPS launched a startup studio that supports entrepreneurs in the digital or technological field and whose projects bring impactful innovation.

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