LIVE. Le Graët-Zidane-Mbappe tension: Real Madrid defends former player and coach


Jibril Cisse chain reactions

“Mr Le Graet, show some respect to Mr Zidane. Where do you think you are, “the former French international reacted first. In the process, Djibril Cissé challenged the FFF president again: “Get out! “The last episode, a new tweet after Breton’s apology. “Wise decision, Mr. Le Graet. Zizou is untouchable. »


Charbonnet: “Evil is deeper”

According to Lionel Charbonnet, the FFF president is far from the only problem at French football’s governing body.

“So NLG is totally not responsible! BECAUSE HE IS SUPPORTED BY HIS VOTERS! Did each of the voters vote for the good of French football and its future? Or his own good and his own future? EVIL runs deeper! I’ve been saying this for a long time, but (hands over ear emoji),” the 1998 world champion tweeted.

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Roussel: “Long live retirement at the age of 60!” »

Fabien Roussel, candidate for the 2022 presidential elections, wrote a long tweet and called on “NLG” to resign. “How long must we put up with Noel Le Graet? Suspicion of persecution in the FFF, unconditional support for Qatar, public insult to the monument of French football… Le Graet is a shame of French sport, he should resign. Long live retirement at the age of 60! »

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An MP will ask the minister to resign from Le Graet

Francois Piquemal, deputy for the 4th region of Haute-Garonne, tweeted: “I will put a written question to the minister in the next few hours demanding his resignation.”


Le Graet apologizes to Zinedine Zidane

The FFF president recognizes “referential statements” about Zinedine Zidane. “I apologize for these statements that do not reflect my thoughts or my attitude towards the player he is and his becoming a coach,” the head coach of French football said in a statement to the press.

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Faure, former Guingamp player: “Get out and give back the keys”

Former EA Guingamp player Cédric Faure criticized the methods of NLG, the former president of the Breton club. “Le Graet, you were already a president who disrespected the players I was a member of at Guingamp and today you disrespect Zidane, but what a shame for French football to have a president like you. Just get out and give back the keys,” tweeted the attack on Toulousein did

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Real condemns “disrespect”.

“Real Madrid” regrets the unfortunate statements made by the FFF president regarding their former player and head coach. The Spanish team also criticized Le Graet’s comments regarding Karim Benzema after pointing out this “disrespect”.


“Dry January is probably not his thing”

Jordan Bardella condemned Le Graet’s words. Mockery, RN president FFF started not to try for the number 1 alcohol-free January.


Ribery: “We need to think about consultations quickly”

Ironically, Franck Ribery paid Noel Le Graet while supporting Zinedine Zidane.


“The Ugly Gentleman”

French basketball player Evan Fournier also reacted to Le Graet’s departure: “What a disrespect!! How many swipes will it take for this bad boy to clean the floor? “, the New York Knicks player tweeted.


The deputy of Yvelines resolves Le Graet

Yvelines MP Aurore Berge spoke about the crisis in French football in an interview with France Inter: “Zidane is more important to football, France and the French than Noël Le Graet. His place as the president of the federation has actually been decided. »



According to the Le Graët camp, “roughness of expression”

“The president has a very good relationship with Zidane. They recently swapped again during the Ballon d’Or. Noël Le Graet knows exactly what he represents in French football history, the FFF president’s camp explained to L’Equipe. By expressing himself in this way, Noël Le Graet wanted to express that Zidane has the opportunity to go wherever he wants. He has all the possibilities. »


Mbappé-Le Graet: a history of tension


Peter’s abomination

“Noël Le Graët” followed by three “vomit” emojis, former French basketball player Florent Pietrus expressed his disgust at the FFF president’s comments.


“Shameful disrespect to a sports legend”


A wave of anger followed Le Graet’s words

Firefighters, Djorkaeff, Pokora… reactions abounded after the release of Noël Le Graet on French football legend Zinedine Zidane on Sunday evening.



“I have nothing to shake”

The president of the federation, who decided to extend the term of Didier Deschamps at the head of “Blues” until 2026, was asked about the fate of Zinedine Zidane, who coveted this post.


Hello to everybody

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