First images of the Kennedy Sports Complex

The construction of the sports complex is estimated at 21.4 million euros. (Credit: a+ samueldelmas)

The city of Lyon presented the first images of the next sports complex on Friday, January 6. Equipped with a swimming pool, a climbing wall, a collective gym… It will be opened in the 8th district in 2026.

The flagship project of the EELV executive of the city of Lyon, the construction of Ilot Kennedy in the 8th arrondissement is planned “as we wish for the city. We want to make a free city”, Lyon mayor Gregory Duce promised when presenting the project in March 2022. The city of Lyon has the ambition to reshape the heart of the 8th arrondissement with this project, the PPI’s biggest investment, which should cost at least 60 million euros.

“Kennedy block is busy, so the sports complex will be placed between the school group and the busy workshops”Samuel Delmas, the architect chosen to carry out the project

The sports complex will be located right behind the town hall of the 8th district. It will be opened in September 2026. (Credit: a+ samueldelmas)

In addition to the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of the JF Kennedy school, a project launched in May 2022 to build a temporary school also includes the Ateliers de la Danse and a 21,000 m2 residential sports complex. After unveiling the first images of the school complex and Dance Workshops in October, the City unveiled the future sports complex, which will break ground in September 2026, on Friday 6 January.

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The sports complex, where the swimming pool will be built, will also have a gym, dojo and climbing room. (Credit: a+ samueldelmas)

Complex worth more than 20 million euros

Located between Varikhon and Sarrazin streets, among the other facilities mentioned above, this new sports building will cost the municipality 21.4 million euros. So is the sports complex, as are the school group and workshops “It is a signature of our commitment to carbon neutrality. The Kennedy project will demonstrate this primarily through the choice of materials. Building a swimming pool primarily from wood is bold, but it is the best option for storing carbon in wood.“, Sylvain Godinot, deputy mayor in charge of the energy transition.”It is an exemplary project from an environmental point of view“, Gregory Duce insists, because”on this Kennedy Island we are building the city of tomorrow”.

The new Ilot Kennedy pool will have two pools, one of which is 25 m. (Credit: a+ samueldelmas)

“This popular swimming pool will be integrated into a sports complex that can accommodate team sports, an EPS platform to develop rolling skills, athletics …. a climbing wall,” Julie Nublat-Faure, athletic assistant

This will take the form of a new Scandinavian-style pool with two pools of 25 and 15 m; a comprehensive sports gymnasium, mainly made of wood, available for schoolchildren and associations to practice basketball, volleyball and handball; 14 m high climbing wall; A dojo dedicated to martial arts inspired by the Japanese Zen style. An outdoor sports field planted with more than 2,000 m2 of trees and a course dedicated to learning to ride a bicycle will be added to it. These last two facilities will be available to the general public outside the school.

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The future climbing wall will allow climbers to climb to a height of 14 m. (Credit: a+ samueldelmas)
The sports complex includes the construction of a dojo for martial arts. (Credit: a+ samueldelmas)

The sports complex managed by the Lyon architectural agency Samuel Delmas “d“exceptional quality”, Sylvain Godinot, deputy responsible for the energy transition, listen. The project was presented to the jury by Samuel Delmas “exceeded our expectations in a very limited plot“supports the chosen environmentalist without pride.

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