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The six-part documentary EQUALS takes us closer to the biggest stars in women’s football than ever before. Available today for free on UEFA.tv.

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The series looks back at the rapid rise of women’s football in Europe and the challenges it still faces, against the backdrop of the record-breaking Women’s EURO 2022 that captivated audiences around the world last summer.

Nadine Kessler, UEFA’s Director General of Women’s Football, said of the series: “I am incredibly grateful to the players who have shared their personal stories and emotions about the series as we are deep into UEFA Women’s EURO 2022. It has given EQUAL viewers the biggest stars in our sport, their most offers a unique look at the best and worst moments. Fans will see the sport like never before and gain a better understanding of the exciting future that lies ahead for women’s football.”

Each episode has a main theme. Players from the 16 teams participating in EURO 2022 candidly share their experiences and opinions, as well as discuss the way forward.

Episode 1: oppression is a privilege

As women’s football grows in popularity, players are speaking out about what is expected of them on and off the pitch.

Trailer, Episode 1

Watch episode 1 on UEFA.tv.

Episode 2: Those from the North

We will learn a little more about what makes the success of the Scandinavian teams and their players. Discover the culture and football of the North, as well as the alchemy that allows it to rank so well in European football.

Trailer, Episode 2

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Episode 3: ups and downs

Find out how injuries and illnesses have affected some of the best players.

Trailer, Episode 3

Watch episode 3 on UEFA.tv.

Episode 4: controlling your loved ones

About the importance of emotional support at all levels, especially for young players.

Trailer, episode 4

Watch episode 4 on UEFA.tv.

Episode 5: role models

Let’s take a look at how women’s football and its players have changed as the Women’s EURO enters the play-offs. What are the responsibilities of a senior player? What are the ambitions of the new rising football stars? Despite sold-out stadiums and extensive television coverage, do the prejudices of the past still linger?

Trailer, Episode 5

Watch episode 5 on UEFA.tv.

Episode 6: the end, not the beginning

A closer look at the future of women’s football after the EURO finals, when women’s football will enter a new era.

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The words of the stars are EQUAL

Leah Williamson (England and Arsenal)
My mother had to pretend to be a boy to play soccer. I didn’t, I had the luxury of being able to play, but there were certainly obstacles. I think everyone in this generation and this team had to overcome the same obstacles and we all liked it when we got there.

Sara Zadrazil (Austria and Bavaria)
We have to pave the way for the next generation, we have to show that it is possible to play in big stadiums, in crowded stadiums, even if you are a girl, you can become a professional player. Especially if you’re a girl. This is possible.

Ada Hegerberg (Norway and Lyon)
I am sure that if you start teaching a girl how to pass at the age of six, and not at the age of 15, then in a few years the level will be very different.

Magdalena Eriksson (Sweden and Chelsea)
It is extremely important to give girls and boys equal opportunities from the start.

Alexia Putellas (Spain and Barcelona)
You can see the sacrifices we make, how we all strive for the same goal and will not stop until we achieve it.

Watch EQUALS on UEFA.tv

EQUALS is the latest in UEFA.tv’s original series.

UEFA.tv, which is free to watch, also offers full coverage of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, as well as all the highlights and goals from UEFA’s men’s, women’s and youth competitions.

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