6 Best Home Workout Apps

We all know the benefits of physical exercise: weight control, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and improved mood. But despite this, more than half of the French population does not engage in the minimum required daily physical activity. However, physical inactivity is a real scourge and is responsible for nearly 2 million deaths worldwide each year.

This lack of physical activity can be partly explained by the fact that exercise takes up too much time in our already busy lives. For some, it’s a motivation problem. In this context, mobile applications that offer exercise at home have come to offer us an encouraging and very easy-to-use solution.

Accessible to all, regardless of level or preference, these programs encourage physical exercise and mobility. Whether you want to do muscle building, fitness, pilates, yoga or stretching, you can find a program tailored to your needs.

The market for sports apps is huge, and here’s our recommendation of the best apps available on Android or iOS today. The selection was made by evaluating various features: tracking options, content, scientific support, ease of use, user-level customization…etc.


Freeletics offers a wide range of exercise sessions that promote bodyweight exercises, abs, dumbbells and calisthenics. This is an ideal program for exercising at home or outdoors. The free version offers over 20 strength training workout plans, 25 individual exercises, and 5 types of warm-ups and cool-downs.

The routines he offers are very varied and vary from low to high intensity depending on the level of the students. Within the app, you can choose a workout plan based on your fitness level and have a virtual trainer ask you for feedback after each workout and each session.


Runtastic is one of the most popular apps. Created by Adidas, it is a reference in the world of running, which you can train at home on a treadmill or outdoors. Although designed for running, the app can also be used for cycling, walking, swimming, skiing, and more. is also suitable for

Runtastic allows you to perfectly record all your activities, tracks you and allows you to observe your progress. You can measure distance, time, pace, speed, calories burned, elevation gained (or lost), and all the metrics you need to monitor to motivate yourself to perform at your best.

The app offers challenges to motivate you to go further and you can share your progress with your friends.

NikeTraining Club

Nike Workout Club has one of the most complete catalogs of workouts on the market. You can choose between training at home or at the gym. The app offers you challenges so that you can constantly make progress.

The Nike Training Club program is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to physically fit. Workouts last between 15 and 45 minutes and favor bodyweight exercises. The app also allows you to perform exercises performed by some well-known athletes.

Daily Yoga – Daily Yoga

The app contains guided lessons that can be done easily from home, using just a mat. Daily Yoga helps you get started with this discipline, and if you’re already advanced, it helps you progress.

The app offers over 500 yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions. The applications of yoga in terms of physical and emotional health are wide: losing weight, sleeping better, relieving stress… In addition, if you have a device that can be connected to the program, it tracks the sessions and monitors your heart rate.


Strava is one of the best fitness apps available today. Its success is such that it has surpassed one billion shared activities. Rather, it’s the ability to share your workouts that makes Strava so popular.

Strava became popular with cycling, but it is also available for other sports such as swimming, running, crossfit, as well as skiing or surfing. As for exercises that can be done from home, the program offers: cover, bodybuilding, yoga, mobility and relaxation.

8 compatible

This exercise program is one of the references in the world of home exercise. It’s a personal trainer that gives you routines to do wherever you want without the need for gym equipment. Since exercise should be complemented by healthy nutrition, the 8fit app offers you recipes with high nutritional value.

The exercises he suggests last between 5 and 20 minutes and are performed with body weight.

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