TESTIMONY. “Mathias is in the match of his life,” said the father of the young rugby player from Bagnères-de-Bigorre, who is quadriplegic.

Mathias Danti’s (17) father, Jérôme, has testified to report that his son is still in intensive care at the Pierre-Paul Riquet hospital in Toulouse after a serious accident at the UNSS match that left him a quadriplegic.

Away from Bigorre’s much-loved ground, Bagnères-de-Bigorre’s youngster Mathias Dantin is another fixture, starting after the UNSS rugby tragedy accident that left him a quadriplegic.

Three weeks after this rugby match, Mathias, the captain of the high school team in Tarbes, “delivers the match of his life” entrusts his father Jerome, who is kind enough to receive us at 3.e Floor of Toulouse Pierre-Paul Riquet hospital.

The former rugby player, who played for “small clubs” in the Hautes-Pyrénées, decided to express without anger, with dignity, but clearly “to thank the people who showed us a lot of sympathy and because an accident can happen to anyone. The world and I want to say that it happened to my son there are not few people who come.. Especially sports and rugby, which remains an incredible sport, should know this.

Jérôme Dantin, is Matias getting better?

In 3 weeks, of course, there was an evolution, but as we talked (Saturday), the problem is in the evolution of the lungs, because Mathias has the right lung and it does not work very well, knowing that it is better in 2 days. Eight days ago, they told us about the tracheotomy. Mathias avoided it today. These are small points earned, and within 2 days, the lung took out a little more. But unless he gains most of his breathing space, he can’t surrender to a major recovery effort. Of course, there have been improvements since the first day when he only moved his eyes. There he moved his arm, but to the doctors it is minimal and vital, Mathias is not out of the woods yet. Our great joy is that he moves his arm and it already wins. But the news is random because he is a very bright child.

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So Mathias is aware of his condition?

Yes, on Saturday night, he talked to us about the accident, his past life, and his present day. But Mathias fights like hell and wants to get out there with all his might, but it takes a lot of effort and it wears him down. Because Matias has a fighting spirit and even the doctors are impressed. In other words, he competes every day and, as he says, “I exercise 24 hours a day.” He has always loved sports, given it to himself and is highly competitive in it.

You can tell your son is in a new game

Rather, it is his match, the match of life. He told us during the night that “the previous Mathias is dead”. For his birthday (December 30) he wanted a cake with the words “New life for Matias”. He is aware of everything, even if it hurts him, he is very clear.

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How did you analyze the accident?

I don’t want to go back to it… All I can say is that it was an enjoyable rugby match to watch with so many matches and Mathias captaining the team. Everything was going well until this fight. I was a player in small clubs in the Hautes-Pyrénées and I know that rugby is a combative sport, but there are rules to be respected. We have feelings, he and I have the same explanation, but I don’t want to go back to him because there will be a second phase with our lawyer.


It won’t stop there. Our medical and legal steps will not end there. We will talk about Mathias at length and I will try to do that. The priority is my son and we will not let what happened to him go unpunished. We know what’s going on, but I don’t want to create an argument because we’re not here to attack, we’re here to defend ourselves and defend Matias’ interests. We’re not going to press charges, so I don’t want to talk about it anymore because I know it’s going to happen again and it’s going to be misrepresented on social media. We are not there to destroy, and the lawyer’s role is primarily to see the administrative consequences: how Mathias will get out of this financially, financially. We are there and there is no one in charge right now, but it happened, there are consequences, and we want to make repairs.

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Bagnérais is mobilizing for young player Mathias Dantin
DDM – Bastien Arberet

The accident happened at UNSS, do you understand that rugby has been suspended in a school setting since the accident at Mathias?

First of all, let me say that the management of school sports reacted immediately with the incoming national president Olivier Girault and department president Hugues Georges. They explained to me their approach to thinking about school rugby and I think it had to stop because it was sport and school. We do not send our children to school so that they are disabled. We cannot stop rugby in isolation, but we cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening. There was something unacceptable in school and sports that we had to think about. We must not forget what happened and that is my role. But rugby remains a great sport and should continue to attract even young people unfamiliar with the environment.

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There were consequences for your family, what is your condition?

We are still in shock and we don’t react in the same way. Fabienne, my wife has not left the bedroom in her mind and she does not want to talk about the future. Day by day with Mathias. Me, I’m already in the future, but I can’t project myself until my wife is with me because we’re a family and we’ve always worked that way. I don’t want to do anything alone.

A big rugby family pays tribute to Mathias, the elder of Bagnères de Bigorre.

A big rugby family pays tribute to Mathias, the elder of Bagnères de Bigorre.
DDM – Bastien Arberet

How about spreading great solidarity around Mathias?

I didn’t understand it at first. In fact, there are many things that made this story resonate with so many people, and it did us a favor. The great rugby family first mobilized with Bagnérais. The club where Matias plays and it should be noted that his president (Patrice Padroni) and his team have done a great job. They were waiting for things to help us move forward with a cat*, for example, and we were all very impressed. Many youth teams are united and Mathias feels it because we communicate with him. It even asked us to categorize all the messages we receive.

With Mathias Antoine Dupont's autographed shirt sent by Stade Toulouse

Mathias is “very proud” of Antoine Dupont’s signed shirt sent by Stade Toulouse.

A solidarity that goes beyond the Hautes-Pyrénées.

Yes, many clubs are mobilizing and sending messages of support to Mathias. Clubs like Stade Toulousain, whose players signed shirts for Matias’ birthday. There’s Antoine Dupon who made the support video and Mathias was very proud. We feel the anxiety of the clubs and we are affected by it, even though we know that they have a life of their own. In 2010, Tony Moggio, a rugby player from Toulouse, a quadriplegic after an accident during a match, visited us. It was good to talk to him and he set us up for the future. . When we are on the pitch, it is solidarity that drives us as spectators; This community that gives you the aggressiveness.

Rugby UNSS: measures being explored to protect the physical integrity of license holders

Rugby competitions organized by the Union of National School Sports (UNSS) were suspended in the run-up to Christmas after a very serious accident at a Mathias match in mid-December.

In a letter, the FSU-affiliated National Physical Education Union protested the suspension to UNSS. “Suspended until further notice, the practice of rugby in all forms in sports associations is incomprehensible, as in UNSS meetings,” the union wrote. “Thus, you cast doubt on the professional skills of physical education teachers and undermine the trust placed in them by the heads of institutions, IA-IPR (inspectors, editor’s note), parents and students,” they continue. “We argue with a warm response,” explained SNEP-FSU Secretary General Benoit Hubert.

Following meetings between the UNSS and the French Rugby Federation (FFR) this week, “the possibility to play rugby V (non-attacking) and also rugby XIII has been confirmed from 6 January 2023”.
Other subjects, rugby sevens and x, are considered more risky. “In relation to the resumption of other forms of rugby, additional measures that may optimize the protection of the physical integrity of license holders are being studied before any effective resumption date,” the UNSS added.

* Stade Bagnérais created a Leetchi cat to facilitate the results: “A shock to the whole club that decided to help him and his family through this solidarity cat! “. To participate: https://www.leetchi.com/c/soutien-a-mathias-dantin

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