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Hervé Roncière, mayor of Montval-sur-Loir, is also president of the community of communes of Loir-Lucé-Berce. ©Le Petit Courrier – Olivier JAUNAY

Politics. interview with Mayor of Montval-sur-Loir (south of Sarte) and president Loire-Los-Berce Herve Ronciere. Adam reviews local news in early 2023. It also looks back over the past months.

Is 2022 another broken year?

“Last year we started with one year Covid-19 vaccination center is still in place at the hospital and restrictions are still in place. Although we seem to have turned the page on the pandemic, which has subsided since then, this big event that started in Ukraine later made us worry more about the future.

In addition to the tragedies associated with this war, it resulted in rising energy costs and deteriorating purchasing power. Our leadership, both public and private, is being tested.

What are the consequences for society of such an increase in the cost of living?

Two events occurred in recent months that created increases in operating expenses that were not combined at the beginning of the year.

We are directly affected by rising gas prices, in Montval-sur-Loire the municipality has around forty municipal buildings heated by gas in its property portfolio.

Agent Index Improvement

When switching from fuel oil to gas a decade ago, it was a more virtuous heating regime with manageable costs.

We have also established a revaluation of civil servants’ indices related to the increase of the minimum wage.

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The revaluation of the indices and the rapid increase in gas prices create an additional cost of approximately 600,000 euros for the municipality of Montval. Not to mention inflation on other operating costs. And it’s not over yet, with inflation expected to continue at 4% nationally in 2023.

In the future, we need to improve the ratio between the use of buildings and the costs associated with them.

Partly for this reason, several departments are being moved and the building is being changed.

We started this process with the relocation of the CCAS (Editor’s Note: Municipal Social Action Center), which had been installed for several months in the former building of the tourism office.

And this change will be permanent, ticking all the boxes in terms of both the location of this building and its design.

The Community Hotel will welcome administrative agents at the end of January at Place Clémenceau, not forgetting the relocation of the social center to the Espace des Récollets, and we have recently carried out the reorganization of the municipal technical centre.

The reorganization of school buildings is being considered in the context of schools calibrated to accommodate twice as many students as today, and this in the context of rising energy costs.

In the Chevallier center, it is planned to establish departmental solidarity poles related to mother and child protection and social services. Works will start in the first quarter of 2023.

We have found a solution to the problem of the Restos du Coeur buildings temporarily installed in the former Coëmont camp, we have subsidies for the reorganization of the building located on the Chemin de Goulard, the work can be done. will be implemented in the coming months.

Road safety improvements will continue

We continue to work on the speed limit, the public will soon see the removal of traffic lights and the installation of STOP signs on rue Jean Jaurès and soon rue du Val de Loir and rue de Bannes.

Will another job come?

There is a delay on the Clos Joli site, which is led by Sarthe Habitat and will include 44 apartments from T3 to T5, we hope that the first deliveries can be in June or September at the latest. Welcome to the staff of our school. Building roads and maintaining greenery is the responsibility of the community.

A new private housing estate is being built in the Lizardière district, in 2023 we intend to continue work on the Comellerie community housing estate (Montabon), we can also celebrate the start of the repair program for the sewerage and rainwater networks in Gabonnes (Château-du-Loir) at the beginning of the year.

You can find the full interview in our digital edition.

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