12 Best iPhone Apps to Get Back to Sports in 2023

A week ago, we saw how the iPhone can help you keep your (good) New Year’s resolutions. Among them should certainly be the following: “give up sugar”, “get back to exercise”, “get ready for the return of sunny days and summer beach” and so on.

As part of our weekly files, here is an update dedicated to sports programs. One, two, one, two… Come on!

Most of the apps presented here are free, paid ones are marked as such.

For running (and other sports!)

Adidas Running

One of the references of this genre. GPS tracking, statistics analysis (altitude, maximum speed, average speed, distance covered…) everything is there. The app is beautiful, in French and updated very regularly. It also has an Apple Watch extension to get your heart rate.

The headphones will beep regularly to let you know where you are (duration, distance, speed). The application is almost infinitely configurable. Training, hard climbing, you do as you feel, and when you arrive, you just need to analyze or admire the course on maps or graphs (speed, elevation).

It is possible to choose your discipline from about fifteen sports, download training plans and Apple Watch, as the heart rate monitors are supported by training zones in terms of heart rate.

All your output is archived and can be synchronized with the website for addicts.


Runkeeper, as the name suggests, is an app that you can use when you put on your running shoes for a run or run, call it what you will. That doesn’t stop it from being used for cycling, rollerblading, or even cardio classes on the elliptical trainer. All of this is configurable. It uses a principle that will be found in several applications in the rest of the article: GPS tracking and voice guidance while supporting the Apple Watch! Indeed, thanks to the GPS chip in the iPhone, the app will be able to track the journey, how long it took and the evolution, past records and progress (distance, speed).

Of course, you can escape to the music and the sound informs the performance. Take a photo while running and it will automatically be geotagged… No more excuses for breaks! I won’t tell you more and let you try it, because in my opinion, this software is one of the best of its kind and is free.


This is one of our favorite apps for running or cycling. Like others, Strava allows you to track your activity, measure speed, distance traveled, number of calories burned… GPS tracking of the route is also required, but that’s not the most interesting thing.

Indeed, Strava users have created sections in many parts of France. In each section, you can discover the best times and compare your performance and thus know where you stand. The app also offers smaller challenges like a 10km run in January. You can also compare yourself with your friends. This social aspect of Strava is particularly interesting.

Other alternatives

Daily action!

Being active isn’t just exercising, it’s choosing to walk instead of taking the subway 2 stops, choosing to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, etc. Finally, moving can also mean being active for some time during the day on a regular basis without being a big athlete. The following programs will help you maintain a regular fitness routine.


Fitbit is one of the manufacturers of bracelets and other connected devices to calculate the energy expenditure and other parameters of the wearers. Related to his devices, the prop man offers an iPhone app to track his activities. For owners of iPhone 5s and later models, no strap is needed! In the application, we find the number of steps per day or hour, as well as the level of activity: light, moderate or intense, in graphs, but also in values. Fitbit also lets you track your runs. The app is also simple and pretty cool.


The Fjuul M7/8 has the merit of working on iPhones without a sensor. From the start, the program will forget and carefully count all the steps and then convert them into points. To try to be as fair as possible, Fjuul will use the iPhone’s sensors to estimate the intensity of the effort and earn more points.

Obviously, in order not to miss anything, it will have to constantly work in the background, which, frankly, affects the autonomy of the iPhone a little.

Of course, if there was no means of comparison, counting the points would not be so interesting. First of all, you can set a daily goal. So you can choose to go more or less slowly, compensate for overeating (!), or measure yourself or the average of other users. Then you can compare your score with your friends’ scores, and believe me, we have a lot of fun in the editorial office at any time of the day to see who has the highest score. For those looking for a way to force themselves to move a little more, Fjuul might be just what you need.


Nike+ Training Club

Still, it’s a sports equipment manufacturer that offers quality software. In this program in French, it’s a real training program that Nike decided to offer, with videos, tips and everything to get you back in shape in less than a month.

Exercise for 7 minutes

There is no more excuse for those who don’t have time, 7 minutes a day is enough to get in shape. This program offers a variety of exercises to perform in just a few minutes each day.

It’s simple to implement and the program should be enough for those who want to do a little exercise every day, but don’t need to devote a lot of time to it.

5 Minute Pilates

5 minutes of Pilates to increase body flexibility and strength after 7 minutes of activity. Why not alternate the two?

The 5 Minute Pilates program consists of comprehensive, detailed exercises that require almost no props. The app is free, but a paid subscription offers apps for several weeks or even months.

In the same collection you will also find:


Building abs is very painful. But I found a program that can help you: “Abdominal exercises in 5 minutes”. The principle is simple, it presents a list of daily exercises of 5 minutes each. The program, which is in French, offers at least 100 different exercises. No more fatigue and hello concrete abs.

Here is another program that will allow you to create a real program in a month in its basic version. There are many videos available there. Level 1 is free, but if you want to go further, you will have to pay. The same holds true for breasts. Having two apps is no excuse not to try one and the other.

But that’s not all! Runtastic, a running expert (see a bit above), decided to do abs, push-ups and other exercises in an app dedicated to bodybuilding:

Try the same principle:

Not just during training

Heart rate measurement

Since a good athlete knows how to track heart rate and the iPhone can tell you a lot about it, here are 2 apps that measure heart rate using your iOS device’s photo flash:

Here, with an iPhone and a good willpower, you no longer have an excuse not to get into exercise this year!

Happy New Year everyone!

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