INGENA and OSLO are at the heart of sustainable performance challenges in Banking, Insurance and Finance, from responsible procurement to quality of life in the workplace.

Thus, these actors want to implement new sustainable procurement practices and supplier risk management while gaining flexibility in managing their work environment, facilitating the daily life, collaboration and “well-being” of their colleagues.

Based on these needs, Ingena Group, a consulting firm expert in responsible data and risk management in the customer journey, and business editor OSLO join forces to digitize key processes for managing procurement and the business environment, which is a greater guarantee. efficiency, productivity and cost optimization.

As part of this partnership, Ingena Group and OSLO combine their best practices and know-how to accelerate the digital transformation of Banking, Insurance and Finance players towards sustainable performance.

Frédéric Ryckman, Deputy Managing Director of OSLO, comments: “Ingena Group stands out for its dual, technological and sectoral experience in the service of digital transformation projects of these players, which face many challenges, from the CSR imperative to new operational risks. through polymorphic competition. Its experience and team in project methodology Ingena Group, whose vision and values ​​we share, thanks to its unity, proves to be the ideal partner to win and retain new customers in these sectors with its strong business and regulatory capabilities.” This exclusive sector partnership is part of OSLO’s strategy to grow in business ecosystems by relying on “knowledgeable, passionate and passionate” expert partners, a full-fledged publisher.

Ingena Group President Gildas Mathurin adds: “With the OSLO range, we offer our customers the perfect match between people, services and solutions for digitization projects in procurement and environmental management. It is banking, insurance and finance that want to be at the forefront of operational efficiency and employee experience. perfectly complements our commitment to quality services dedicated to players in their fields.” Indeed, the OSLO range, which includes multiple digital business solutions – Procurement, Facility Management, Maintenance and After-Sales Service, manages all processes and practices aimed at optimal workplace performance, business from planning to procurement management and equipment maintenance.In addition to increasing operational performance, OSLO solutions contribute to improving the organization of spaces, operational use of equipment and, in fact, maximize the “well-being” of employees. by increasing it leads to cost optimization. Frédéric Ryckman and Gildas Mathurin together explain: “To improve collaboration and performance by offering employees a work environment and services that are truly focused on their work requirements is one of our core missions.”

Specifically, Ingena Group will integrate OSLO’s solutions into its offering in the first quarter of 2023. The Ingena Group has already trained its operations team in close cooperation with OSLO and plans to hire new sales representatives in the coming months to take advantage of the OSLO software. covers as a strategic development axis. Ingena Group President Gildas Mathurin concludes: “By 2025, we have the ambition to be the leader in digital procurement and business environment projects in banking, insurance and French financiers with OSLO solutions. »

About the Ingena Group
Ingena Group, a leader in responsible data, has a dual expertise from business features to information systems, specializing in Banking, Insurance and Finance. Faced with the needs of its customers to digitize their processes while meeting their commercial and regulatory challenges, Ingena Group relies on an ecosystem of partners to meet all their business needs. Consisting of two poles – Consulting and Integration, Ingena Group’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the digital transformation of its clients by combining strategy, advice and tools, which serves their sustainable operation.

About OSLO
With the signature of “Look Right and Act” and as a publisher of well-known vertical software (Facilities Management – After Sales Service – Construction and Retail), OSLO’s mission is to simplify their digital transition by supporting companies along the IT value chain, truly thought and designed for their business. thanks to software solutions. Headquartered in Villeneuve d’Ascq and with more than 40 years of experience, the group today represents around 130 employees and a turnover of 13 million euros.

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