Winter sports. Where to ski this weekend, January 7th and 8th?

Although the season started perfectly, several resorts are experiencing a lack of snow, having to close their areas. There is no snow cover everywhere in the French massifs.

From December 20, the general melting is not suitable for ski resorts and snow sports enthusiasts. According to Domaines skiables de France (DSF), mild rain in the mountains at the end of December disrupted activity, particularly in low-altitude resorts, and caused the closure of half of France’s slopes.

No skiing below 1800 meters

There is usually a lack of snow in our departments. The landscapes are worthy of April/May in the Jura in Les Rousses, Estables in the Upper Loire, Chalmazel in the Loire or Ain in the Monts Jura, Plans d’Hotonnes or Hauteville. On the Retord plateau, this weekend’s 39th Retordica, a sled dog race, has been cancelled.

“We are worried, there is a lack of raw materials. There is concern about maintaining reservations, time will tell to what extent the situation will affect them,” Jean-Luc Boch, president of the National Association of Mountain Resort Mayors (ANMSM), said in late December.

“The fact that it was not opened two years ago due to the Covid epidemic, although the season was good last year, it has already left its mark. “The conditions should be favorable again for about 400,000 people engaged in mountain activities,” he stressed.

No domain is 100% open

Need to gain altitude for skiing this weekend of January 7th and 8th. And pay attention to large areas. Even the latter do not maintain the climatic conditions, because none of them can offer 100% opening of their ski area.

For example, as of this Thursday, January 5, the Tignes ski area is 72% open (114 runs out of 159). Even in Valloire (with 31 exposed slopes). In Val Thorens you “climb” up to 82% (71 out of 84 runs available). 2-65% of the terrain in the Alps is skiing (62 runs out of 84). In Val d’Isère, “only” 56% of the area (114 out of 164 runs) and the same proportion in Courchevel (55), where 80 out of 116 runs can be skied. 60 runs again at Les Menuires. open from 86 with 23 cm of snow in the resort and 61 cm above.

In blue, resorts open on January 7 and 8, 2023. Click on the skier for the day pass price

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Cheaper skiing in La Clusaz

At 1600m, Les Saisies is really devoid of snow and tackles only 8% of the open field (5 runs out of 25).

In La Clusaz, which hasn’t seen snow since mid-December, only 14 of the 54 runs the area offers are open (26% of the area is skiable). Due to this partial opening, the resort is revising its daily rates. And, for example, it offers €40.60 for adults on Saturday 7 January and €39.60 on Sunday 8 January (compared to €47).

Openings on the interactive map are fixed subject to sufficient snow depth. The prices of the ski passes shown are those given by the resorts, which are responsible for their accuracy. Prices may vary during the season. Contact the stations for more information.

Weather: Snowflakes Sunday and Monday?

After this long spring sequence, snow is declared in the mid-mountains at the end of the weekend. According to forecasters, the snow may return (but how much?) on Sunday, January 8 and Monday, January 9. With a rain-snow limit dropping to around 1800m on Sunday and around 1200m on Monday.

Below 1200-1300 m in the Northern Alps, snowflakes should have difficulty sticking to the ground, as temperatures can still be very mild.

Showers in the Jura should follow each other all day Sunday (rain-snow limit: 1300-1500m). Snow is expected on Monday.

It should return higher from Tuesday January 10th. It should be sunny on Wednesday.

Other activities: mountain biking, hiking…

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