Thierry Marx restaurateurs saved, for Emmanuel Macron “it is clear that we will see prices rise”, The risk of blackouts is a little far

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? International

  • The British government will announce next week how it intends to do so reduce subsidies meant to cover the energy costs of businesses after the finance minister called the scheme “expensive and not durable“.
  • Since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine german electric mix developed. Now we count the share of coal is 35.7%. Wind energy accounts for 32.1% of production. Finally, gas no longer contributes more than 7.5% of output and nuclear is still at 4.4%.
  • In 2022, Germany missed the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Release purpose 756 million tons of CO2, listed in Germany’s climate protection law, “thus five million tons passed”. These emissions are down almost 39% compared to 1990, but the country is far from its goal of reducing them by 65% ​​by 2030.

? in France

  • Concerns have been growing for several months now Professional sector : Some people fear an increase in the number of companies forced to shut down due to rising energy bills. For Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, “less than 1% of entrepreneurs they plan to shut down or slow down production.” A figure that differs from those published in recent weeks by Insee or the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • For government spokesman Olivier Veran, risk of power outages notably the gradual return to service of EDF’s closed nuclear reactors as well as vigilance efforts and weather conditions. During his last speech on Wednesday, December 4, he nevertheless called “businesses and citizens” “continue efforts on eco-gestures“.
  • This Thursday, January 5, the head of state, Emmanuel Macron, spoke on the occasion of the Epiphany cake ceremony at the Elysée. “It is clear we will see prices riseStating that inflation has not yet peaked in the coming months, he confirmed his willingness to help very small businesses (TPE) in this crisis. “There will be an increase [des prix]but every time it is not reasonable, we will force suppliers to renegotiate.”
  • Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire assured on January 4 that restaurateurs should not expect the same aid as they plan to support bakers because it is, he said, “not the same situation”. For his part, celebrity chef Thierry Marx defended the restaurateurs, saying, “the situation became unbearable for the number of enterprises”.

? Others

  • According to a study by asset management firm Lazard, the cost of a new nuclear power plant is about $168 per megawatt hour. An efficient gas-fired plant would cost about a third of that amount, while solar and wind would only cost a fifth.

☀️ Renewable energies

  • Denmark wants It invested 30 billion euros develop the construction of artificial islands to enable the installation of wind turbines in the open sea, with the aim of strengthening its position as a European leader in the development of renewable energy. In effect, 50% of Danish electricity is already produced by windversus just 7% in France.
  • Space X was launched into orbit this Tuesday, January 3rd the first French solar sail in space. Its nanosatellite took off Tuesday aboard the Space X Falcon 9 rocket for its first mission, called Gamma Alpha. In particular, a solar sail launched into space will propel it with solar radiation as fuel.


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