[SBB célèbre ses 10 ans] “What have they become?” » Alexandre Frachet, ICN BUSINESS SCHOOL Head of Marketing Department

In 2022, Sport Buzz Business celebrated its 10th anniversary! For 10 years, the site has welcomed many journalists, bloggers and sports marketing enthusiasts for writing and development missions.

During these 10 years, more than 20 people have “moved” to Sport Buzz Business in various missions: internships, blogging, freelancers…

The ability to discover the profile and background of some “What happened to them” section.

Today we invite you to discover the expression of Alexandre Frachet!

Sport Buzz Business: How and why did you decide to become a blogger for Sport Buzz Business? When did you start? How was your condition then?

Alexandre Frachet: First of all, thank you for allowing me to immerse myself in this wonderful time! I was working on a work-study MBA in sports marketing and was responsible for communications at an SME that published Vélo Vert magazine, as well as online media dealing with cycling topics. And most of my work was based on communications, marketing, PR for the Velo Vert Festival, the unmissable outdoor event in the cycling world. An avid reader of SBB, we formed a media partnership. Then one thing led to another, I started writing and it’s been 4 wonderful years!

Why this choice? Since it’s the benchmark site in the industry, it’s free to readers, and it’s always in demand by major events, advertisers – it’s been an honor and an incredible personal enrichment to write for a media outlet with such a reputation! Interviewing the CEO of EDF at the age of 24 makes you mature.

“Interviewing the CEO of EDF at 24 makes you mature”

SBB: What is your best memory of an event and/or meeting you attended? Do you have an anecdote to share with us about your ability to cover various events?

FA: Very nice events. Press conferences in Parisian palaces, high-profile football matches in boxes, international conferences, a day on a tricycle in the Tour de France promotional caravan between Albi and Toulouse and much more. But I believe that as an absolute basketball fan, the NBA match invited by Tissot in Paris remains an indelible memory. Especially with the after party organized by ParionsSport in the halls of Accor Arena!

Meeting, the whole Kinder Village team works to ensure that underprivileged children can go on vacation in the sun near Agen. Excellent discovery and public utility activation. Another memory on the lawn of the Velodrome minutes before the start, thanks to Orange. memorable. One last bit… watch Tiger Woods return to the Ryder Cup in national golf! It was a wonderful event to cover.

SBB: What is your position today?

FA: I left sports. Today I am the Head of Marketing for the top management school ICN BUSINESS SCHOOL in Nancy, Paris and Berlin. Specifically, I manage a team of about ten people divided into two poles. External communications, an “in-house agency” that implements all com’ plans and tests the implementation of all supports. The second pole is our programs at trade fairs, high schools, prep classes, higher education institutions, digital, etc. is a promotion in the French market to market. This means a turnover of more than 22 million euros.

SBB: Can you tell us about your professional background? What advice would you give to a student who wants to work in the wider world of sports?

FA: After an apprenticeship there, I continued blogging for SBB after being hired by Chlorobike, while still teaching at EDC at its sports management school, the School of Sports Management, from which I graduated. And this sparked my interest in the world of higher education and management schools.

My advice is to do more than others. For example, becoming a blogger for SBB. This gives a competitive advantage over other candidates in the labor market, a solid network, a great benchmark in marketing and events, and a perfect knowledge of the secrets of this (very small) ecosystem.

“If I had to distinguish one brand, I would say Red Bull”

SBB: What excites you about communication through sports and sports business in general today?

FA: What excites me is interacting with events, athletes, teams that provide absolute moments of happiness for sports fans. All the “no cash” activations are also of great interest to me. Obviously, I’m excited to see the 2024 Olympics in Paris. I’m in the starting blocks to get my tickets!

SBB: What activations/devices/news have you noticed in the last 10 years?

FA: If I had to single out one brand, I would say Red Bull. Red Bull’s strategy has always impressed me! The tools the brand uses, the athletes or organizations Red Bull sponsors, the innovative and unusual events it supports or organizes: it’s a textbook case! Just watch Red Bull Rampage, it’s absolutely incredible. Or this guy jumps from the stratosphere into space! It is for life.

SBB: Based on your current work and past experience, what are the key trends in sports marketing and the sports industry over the next 10 years?

FA: OK, I’m going! Today, I am in an industry responsible for training economic decision makers for decades to come. Not surprisingly, the first trend is the environmental responsibility of CSR and the sports industry in particular. We’re just at the beginning, with protests over the awarding of the 2029 Asian Winter Games to Saudi Arabia, or even a mini-scandal over the “PSG sand yacht” issue. I am sure that everything will speed up in this consciousness, the world championship held in Qatar demonstrated its incompetence. Then surely the future decision-makers who are on our amphitheater benches today, fully aware and sensitive to these issues, will be at the helm.

This will trickle down to the way sports spectacle is conceived and consumed. Let’s take the example of today’s JOP 2024. Today, COJOP is struggling to get a balanced budget (source Le Monde, Thursday, October 20, 2022). Partly due to inflation, of course. Also given their difficulties in signing enough partners, especially those who can invest more than €100 million (tier 1 partnerships) in the face of stratospheric and still underestimated organizational costs. A new model must be defined if future host countries are to be responsible and not dump these billions on the taxpayer.

In summary, major intercontinental events are struggling to justify their unbalanced budgets. Climate and social issues will affect the travel patterns of spectators, the allocation of organizing rights to host countries that can replicate ‘CSR’, as well as the share of public funding invested in these showcase events. So I think we’re seeing a decline in these super events and new concepts and formats will emerge. Maybe more regional, more dependent on technology? Of course, it is more responsible.

Finally, I would like to end with a wish regarding the television rights of major races. France’s recent history (see Mediapro) has demonstrated the fragility of the league, which forms the basis of the economic model, vis-à-vis rights holders. I would love to see the NBA league pass format develop to the level of major leagues. This allows for reduced dependency, better control over the broadcast, allowing the fan to purchase different packages tailored to their consumption, while also positioning the broadcaster in a complementary position with pre-game shows, celebrity advisors and other exclusives.
Happy birthday and long live SportBuzzBusiness!

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