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You are really bad…

Since its inception… it is consumption that requires production… NEVER the other way around…

An electrical power generation complex can only function if… a balance between CONSUMPTION/PRODUCTION is maintained every second.

Between national consumption, exports and STEPS… demand is less than production can supply….
But to provide….you need a counter consumer….
We do not intend to force the customer to consume and buy.

We don’t make electrons like espadrilles and churros… Electricity can’t be stored…
I can make a pair of sneakers in December, put them on the shelf and sell them in the summer…no juice.

RTE is responsible for managing the network….
To do this, all alternator groups available in France have “remote control” or remote load monitoring, which allows RTE to modulate + or – 10% of the load of the group in operation, including hydraulic actuation. Orders handled by RTE.

Then there is a certain order of exploitation of sectors in the network (market)……

We prefer manufacturing….

1/ REi because they are uncontrollable but carbon free

2/ nuclear, because it is controllable and carbon-free… linked to hydraulics for consumption peaks, hydraulics controlled by hydraulic reserves to be turbined (representing 20% ​​of the production mix spread over the year in the reserve function)

3/ on unavoidable energies…. gas, oil, coal….

Today, for example, coal and oil remain ZERO because consumer demand is low or balanced.

Of the 12,752 MW installed, 3 GW of gas, i.e. 25% of installed capacity, should have flexibility in balancing supply and demand.

2 or 3 GW of gas… is kind of a mini heel…

If demand drops again… we modulate on core….

RTE currently has 4 GW of nuclear load monitoring to regulate, in addition one or more groups will be required to reduce or even stop their load (because stopping one unit is better than reducing ten levels)…
Core is designed to work on a 100% base

In France, a control system was developed to control the load… especially by adapting the control rods to allow less deformation of the neutron flux during operation, the deformation of the flux that could lead to hot spots that could cause fractures in the fuel rods. shells and nuclear operational accidents.
The French reactors are the only reactors in the world to have this means of power regulation…but we get nothing for nothing…daily power fluctuations catalyze the wear and tear of the reactors, resulting in more rigorous maintenance, more demanding by the authorities. …

By analogy

It’s like wanting a car used in the city to wear and tear on a car used only on the highways…

Last week wind power had a good output (60%)… but today, as of this morning, output has dropped dramatically, with nuclear power rising to 42 from 30 GW in a matter of days. GW late morning.

This is how the network works, this is how the market works….

In February 2021 or 2022, when TTE washed us with the Landivisio gas plant, we already explained it to you….
Gas is a deadly substitute energy that is idle 80% of the time.. Its production is not dependent on its availability but directly on demand from RTE….period.

And to some extent… also for nuclear, when demand is low.

No kidding….not hard to figure out…but knowing it will escape your kindergarten thoughts….!!!!!

TTE does not and will not produce anything for a living from a normal production operation… So every year the gas operator is compensated for the non-production.

REi, like gas… is only profitable… through subsidies, random sawtooth production figures for REi, and carbon energy whose use we want to limit as much as possible to minimize the ecological footprint. … well…

More penguins…

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