Drive to Store: Dékuple gets Smart Traffic

Dékuple Group, an expert in cross-channel data marketing, announces that it has acquired a majority stake in Smart Traffik, a publisher of SAAS solutions dedicated to retailers and brands looking to generate quality online and point-of-sale traffic. . This new foreign growth operation allows the Group to strengthen its experience in the field of data-marketing systems implementation for consulting and retail sales and to provide new innovative solutions in response to the main changes taking place in this sector.

Founded in 2012 by Laurent Simonin, Emmanuel Isnard and Yann Gilquin, Smart Traffik is a publisher of Web-to-Store solutions in SAAS mode that meets the new challenges of the retail world and helps optimize the business performance of 120 stores and brands. More than 25,000 points of sale.

The offer of innovative solutions that can be quickly activated revolves around 2 main axes:

Generating qualified leads in stores:
– Presence Management to give online visibility to points of sale,
– Click and collect to make products available from audience intersection (Native Product),
– multi-platform scheduling of online appointments for retail services (Smart backup);

Omnichannel measurement of effectiveness of media investments, optimization of marketing attribution and advertising campaigns (oKube).

This merger allows Dékuple Group to strengthen its technological know-how in Retail Marketing, a client sector that has grown strongly since 2020 due to the major changes taking place in this market.

“Dékuple Group has been supporting retail brands in digitization, data transfer, cross-channel and omni-channel for many years. The Covid crisis accelerated these events. But the point of sale, which accounts for 86% of sales, remains at the heart of retailers’ challenges and concerns. So we help them go from store to store and measure the performance of these campaigns. Due to the combined effects of rising paper costs, environmental concerns and the likely generalization of “OUI PUB”, the planned end of the prospectus requires a review and alignment of investments and marketing levers towards higher performance and ROI in the context of consumer inflation. That is why we are delighted to welcome Smart Traffik and its 40 employees to the Dékuple Group’s ecosystem of solutions. This support will help Smart Traffik develop its SAAS solutions and offer retailers new performance levers. On the other hand, like Smart Traffik’s current partners and customers, the various entities of the Dékuple Group will be able to develop their support and create new offers that allow our retail customers to better target, better invest in the relevant levers. , scalable and efficient solutions that can generate a greater return on investment,” explains Bertrand Laurioz, Chairman and CEO of Dékuple Group.

“We are very happy to integrate a large-scale player like Dékuple Group, which we chose for the alignment of our DNA and vision. It is a diverse group of entrepreneurs that allows us to maintain our autonomy and provides us with the means to develop our offering completely independently. We will be able to create strong commercial synergies with all of the Group’s entities working for retail players, while also strengthening our relationships with our existing partners and advertisers. By joining Dékuple, we also want to contribute to and benefit from its European and international ambitions with our technology solutions for international retailers and brands. Laurent Simonin, co-founder and CEO of Smart Traffik, explains.

Dékuple Group has been working with Smart Traffik since 2022 and has developed several projects with synergy for major retail brands such as BUT, whose Drive-to-Store devices won the Gold trophy at the 2022 Marketing Trophies.

This new external growth operation, which brings the number of companies joining Dékuple to 9 in 3 years, is part of the Group’s overall strategy to position itself as the European leader in data marketing by 2025. .

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