What are the conditions to benefit from it?

CAR BONUS. Since January 1, the government has paid a driving bonus of 100 euros to all newly registered drivers on platforms dedicated to this experience. Terms, amount… What you need to know about this financial incentive.

[Mise à jour du mardi 3 janvier 2023 à 13h58] From January 1, registering on the car driving platform can earn you 100 euros. Indeed, for this new year, the government distributes a bonus for the use of cars to all drivers who register for the first time with operators specializing in this practice. This financial incentive is one of the main measures of the “national car use plan” presented by the government at the end of 2022. With a budget of €150 million, it aims to democratize the driving experience in France. The executive power intends to do so By 2027, the number of trips made each month thanks to vehicle sharing will triple.

The allocation will also be used to support investments by local authorities in the construction of dedicated parking spaces or lanes on roads. In the same spirit, the state will support municipalities, departments and regions that have already created financial incentives to reward car users. For every euro invested by the community, the state undertakes to pay one euro in return. Financial boosts can be combined with a car movement bonus. Discover the map of financial incentives available in Greater France.

The government’s goal is to reach three million vehicles per month within five years, compared to the current 900,000. The challenges are multifaceted: reducing traffic-related pollution, eliminating road congestion, and limiting the impact of fuel price increases on motorists.

This financial aid applies exceptionally new registrants, from January 1, 2023. In detail, the premium is not paid in full immediately. Accepts newly registered driver the first 25 euros from the first car use, then an additional 75 euros after 10 trips. Remember that all visits must be made within three months of registration. No trip should exceed a maximum distance of 80 kilometers. Finally, you must register with state-approved ride-hailing operators.

List of vehicle management platforms that have confirmed participation in the scheme:

  • BlaBlaCar Daily
  • Joint work
  • ecov
  • Green wheel
  • Mobicoop
  • Body
  • Claxite
  • Instantly

You should also know that traffic bonuses are paid directly by car fleet platforms in the form of cash or vouchers. Note: tNot all operators guarantee to pay the bonus for car use.

Can we get more than 100 euros in carpooling bonus?

In addition to the carpooling bonus, Drivers who make three long-distance trips are paid a second bonus of €100, which can be combined. (more than 80 km). The amount is allocated in the form of progressive payments through carpooling platforms €25 after the first car park visit, then €75 after the third car park visit.

Can a carpooling bonus be added to a company’s sustainable mobility package?

A sustainable mobility package is a financial scheme paid by an employer to employees who use environmentally friendly transport to get to work. Car parking is particularly troublesome. The amount of the package can be up to 800 euros per year and exempt from tax and social security contributions for the employer. If the employee benefits from the sustainable mobility package and at the same time decides to register on the carpooling platform after January 1, he can also receive the bonus offered by the state.

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