VIDEO. American football: after a terrible shock, a player collapses in the middle of the match, a victim of cardiac arrest

Buffalo’s Damar Hamlin (24) had to be revived on the field. He was taken to a Cincinnati hospital in “critical condition.”

Buffalo Bills quarterback Damar Hamlin was hospitalized in “critical condition” in Cincinnati after collapsing midway through an NFL game on Monday, Jan. 2, after suffering a severe shock that reminded us of the danger of the number one sport in the United States.

Hamlin, 24, “went into cardiac arrest during our game against the Bengals. His heart restarted on the field and he was transferred to UC Medical Center (from Cincinnati, editor’s note) for evaluation and treatment.”

He is currently sedated and in critical condition,” the New York State franchise said in a statement. Damar Hamlin (defensive back), a safety in his second NFL season, was hit while tackling in the first quarter of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bills safety Damar Hamlin remained on the field after a scary hit.

According to the spread information, the medical staff performed cardiac massage.

—ESPN (@espn) January 3, 2023

He stood up before suddenly falling to the ground. As he was taken to the hospital, the young man was connected to oxygen and his family, who were watching the game, joined him in the ambulance, US ESPN sports channel reports.

Fans of both teams spontaneously gathered, candles in hand, in front of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (northeast), where he was hospitalized, about four miles from the stadium. On the ground, Damar Hamlin received immediate medical attention more than half an hour later, ESPN reported that CPR was performed. Players from both teams gathered around him, many kneeling in prayer and some in tears.

Buffalo players, including quarterback Josh Allen, were especially shocked to see their inert teammates. The crowd at Cincinnati Stadium fell silent and the television broadcast went off stage.

After a discussion between the coaches of both teams and the referees, the match was “temporarily suspended” and the players were ordered to return to the dressing room.

The Bills and Bengals both left the field and the game was temporarily suspended.

—ESPN (@espn) January 3, 2023

Although a reinstatement appeared to be under consideration, prompting angry reactions on social media, the NFL later issued a press release confirming that the game had been postponed indefinitely. Later, he announced that the young player from Pennsylvania (northeast) was in “critical condition”.

“Our thoughts are with Damar and the Buffalo Bills. We will provide more information as it becomes available,” the NFL added. According to television footage, Hamlin was hit in the upper chest.

Many messages were posted on social media calling for prayers for the Buffalo player, such as Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes: “I’m praying so much… Please, thank you man.”

“Health first”

LeBron James, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) basketball team, also reacted. “In all sports the health of the players comes first. It was horrible to see and I can only wish this young man the best,” he wrote.

American football, one of the most violent team sports, has faced growing concerns among players about concussions from head hits in recent years. The already strict protocol in place was further strengthened last October by banning any player from continuing in a match if, regardless of the cause, a factor of global motor instability is observed.

This decision was made after an altercation between Miami and Buffalo at the end of September. Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was on the field despite suffering a very severe concussion and concussion a few days earlier.

This Monday, Cincinnati-Buffalo, was the poster child for Day 17 of the NFL (“Monday Night Football”), two already qualified teams fighting for the best spots in the Superbowl, the playoffs that will end with the championship. The final and largest annual sporting event in the United States in mid-February.

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