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By Dorothy Perry January 4, 2023

Accompanying Students with Disabilities (AESH), formerly AVS, are staff responsible for accompanying students to promote the education and independence of students with disabilities in school and out-of-school hours (canteen, daycare, outings and activities). Their activities can be carried out in regular schools, but also in specialized structures such as Localized Units for School Enrollment (ULIS-school, ULIS-college or ULIS-lyceum).

A diploma or experience is required to become an AESH. You must actually have a BA or DEAES OR have experience supporting people with disabilities (see details).

Unlike the Aide De Vie Scolaire (AVS), which was previously recruited through the Pôle Emploi, the AESH is now recruited by the rectory, which often delegates this mission to the academy inspector (DASEN). So, Applying to the AESH missionIt is necessary to apply to DASEN (learn more about the recruitment procedure for AESH).

After being recruited, AESH a job adaptation training if they do not yet have experience in this field. Then, the actions continuing education occurs during a mission (learn more).

Finally, regarding employment contract and statuswe know that AESH does not have official status. They benefit from them public law contract Passed by National Education and has employed on the basis of fixed-term contracts for a period of 3 years. This contract can then be converted to a CDI (see all information about the contract and AESH’s award).

Continue reading this article to become an AESH and learn the terms of the employment contract.

To practice the AESH profession, you must meet one of the following conditions (see Decision No. 2014-724 of June 27, 2014, amended by the Decree of July 27, 2018):

  • You have it bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification (level IV equivalent diploma)
  • You have it State Diploma in Education and Social Support (DEAES), “insert” option or other professional qualification in personal assistance
  • You have it Worked at least 9 months in the fields of support for the disabled

If you meet one of these conditions, you can apply for an AESH mission (see procedure below).

AESH recruitment: procedure

Prior to the creation of the AESH status in 2014, those accompanying disabled students were employed as AVS through CDD under private law. It was then necessary to go through the Pôle emploi or another public employment service, and employment was carried out through subsidized contracts.

As of July 2019, AVS is no longer possible in the aid contract and only AESH is employed. The application procedure has changed.

So, to be hired as an AESH, you must:

  • Register your application with DASEN (Academy Inspector): It is responsible for sending applications to enterprise managers
  • Pass a job interview with the head of the enterprise: 2 possibilities for this. For this, you apply directly to the head of the enterprise, knowing that it is important to register with DASEN; Since your application is accepted through the dispatcher implemented by DASEN, you are either called by the head of the enterprise.

Good to know: It is strongly recommended to increase your chances of getting hired as an AESH go directly to the site, by contacting the services of the academy you are interested in with all the necessary documents (copies of the diploma, CV, cover letter, citizenship documents, etc.). Know this too several Academic Review websites allow direct submission of applications For AESH missions.

If your application is successful, you will be employed:

  • By the state is represented by DASEN (Ministry of National Education) operating with the rector of the academy or the delegation of the rector of the academy.


  • By the local public educational institution (EPEL).

AESH contract: salary, status and working hours

Persons accompanying students with disabilities (AESH) they are not civil servants But State public law contractors.

When you are first hired as an AESH, you sign CDD for 3 years. This contract can be renewed once. Then it turns after 6 years of activity with a permanent contract. However, you will stay under contract status.

As for working time, your activities are within the annual working time set according to the legal term, ie. 1607 hours for full time. You can get engaged too part-time (more than 60% of AESH work part-time).

Ultimately, your AESH premium will depend on the hourly rate you work. You will be paid during your first AESH contract on a minimum wage basis (See the current amount of SMIC). You will benefit from some of them too bonuses and allowances is paid to contractual civil servants Reimbursement for Personal Transport Expenses (IFTP) to cover your home/work transport costs (to be distinguished from private sector transport costs).

AESH initial and ongoing training

Accompanied benefits from AESH Mandatory initial job orientation training lasting 60 hours (included in your effective service period).

Then, throughout your mission, you will be able to benefit from a variety of continuing education activities such as:

  • Local initiative training organized in a school or educational institution
  • Training with teachers
  • National training dedicated to the education of students with disabilities

AESH is also eligible for vocational training leave a personal training account is open to them.


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